Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall family style.

Andy and I have a very practical approach when it comes to style. We tend to gravitate towards things that we can wear in multiple ways and items that aren't flashy (basically so no one notices if we live in it all week long!) Stripes and plaids are staples in our home, they are bold and subtle at the same time! If that is even possible...

Also, is colored denim still in? I am seriously asking? Does anyone know? Well, since this is my blog I am saying it is still a go. Since we are unsure of colored denim my advice is stick to deeper tones so it isn't so flashy. I am very into earthy hues - and black. Always black. Stay chic. I guess that means I am leaning towards colored denim being out then... hmmm....

A few people have asked me how we have designer pieces in our closet - without going into detail I will share that we are true minimalists at heart. We choose to buy a few things that we really love (with great quality) and then wear them often (like every day!) versus owning tons of things we don't get a lot of use out of. For my wardrobe I also shop daily deal sites like gilt and hautelook for denim and other items. You can always find brands I love on their and I know what the brand fits like so sizing isn't an issue. Each family has to find what is best for them and what is important to them. To Andy his favorite jeans are $50 calvin kleins - but I prefer him in his more rugged slim fit denim... to each his own. For
the kids it is different - I want them to enjoy getting dressed and have fun unique designs. It helps to know each item Rowan wears is timeless enough to pass down!

I just want to say that the things we own do not at all define us. They are just materials. We just like to share our taste as a creative outlet - there is way more to who we are than what you see on this blog and our instagram. xo
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papa's style:
diesel jeans here // jcrew plaid here // jcrew thermal here // wingtip boots here

mama's style:
stripe top here // ag skinny jeans here // floppy hat here // biker booties here

brother's style:
chambray shirt here // skinny jeans here // boots here // scarf here

sister's style
biker jacket here // dress here // boots here // mustard tights here

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