Tuesday, October 22, 2013

growing... and growing...

Look who is a big boy! This kid started crawling really good this week and on Sunday he pulled himself up for the first time. I love him so much and the little faces he makes while he is calculating his next move is precious. He loves to stick his little tongue out and then he looks at me for approval, and before I can even respond, he is on to testing his new skills out. I moved his crate out of the corner so his toys would be more accessible and I had no clue that he would be so eager to get into them! Turns out he was more excited to play with the diapers and wipes in the crate than his toys - figures. First time moms, save yourselves some money and just start saving wrappers and containers, it is all that any baby wants anyways. That and the cell phone out of your hand...

Well, now that Wrennyn is all grown up it is time for baby #4, ay?

ps how cute is that first photo? such a great mug shot. I get to kiss those cheeks every day, man alive I live the good life.

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Unknown said...

oh man, that first 'pull up' is so exciting! my guy just turned one last month. so many new things to discover.


Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

I can't believe how much he's changed since I saw him. It's ridiculous! :-P

Unknown said...

So true. My niece has every toy she could want, but her favorite thing is a cardboard box! So silly. :P
xo kristen genevieve


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