Monday, October 21, 2013

little style

This kid is all about tying his own shoes and reading everything even food labels! But not to save on calories, he reads because it is fun! He is quite the charmer and every charming lad needs charming wears. So blazers and cool shoes it is! All we are missing is the thick framed glasses. I swear this child makes everything look good - I mean how killer is this blazer! Like seriously! And Rowan is all about basketball shoes and I refuse to give in to peer pressure so we have compromised and settled (although I wouldn't at all call it settling) for these killer sporty shoes that are anything but tacky! They are probably Rowan's favorite shoes he has owned so far! I wish it were this easy for me to get dressed every day!

getting gangsta

rowan wears:: shoes on sale at four monkeys here // jeans esp no 1 jeans find various ones here  // blazer from shopbelle here // sweatshirt mini rodini  panther here 

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