Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the scarf you need right this second...

The one item you must go to HM and buy right now! ^^^ this scarf! $17.90! HURRY! GO!

so killer paired with my Agate Mermaid bag find it here! By the way I love that shop and the overall vibe they have going on! It speaks to me :) HM is great too... it speaks to Andy's wallet. 

^^ps do you see how my shadow looks like a gorilla stalking me with Dracula teeth in? how very halloweeny! ^^

^^and this shadow looks like a vulture with spectacles on! Not very halloweenish, but equally cool^^

I wear a lot of bell bottoms, but I think my heart is slowing leaning to skinnies. I am digging the cropped skinnies with a flannel and booties. I think I am going to need to invest in some killer skinnies as I haven't lost my pregnancy weight and my old ones aren't fitting right (dang those muffin tops!) so if you have any go-to ones that you love I would be thrilled to check them out! Until then - run and scoop up this scarf! I am in love with it!

cardigan anthropologie // jeans jbrand // bag c/o agate mermaid // pink floyd tee vintage // bracelets c/o the shine project // sunglasses ray ban


Unknown said...

girl you kill me! totally digging this nod to classic rock ensemble today!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this outfit. And those bellbottoms make me smile. I've been wearing only skinnies for a few years and am wanting to branch back into the flare leg. Love.

Jocie Fisher said...

LOVE the scarf. Just said this weekend how I need a red plaid scarf.. especially with snow already falling today. I love your IG feed and blog- such a cute fam. I am from ND right on border of MN so it's fun to view your life from a familiar part of the states :)
I read a post a little ways back from a a family wedding and you did the bride's hair... So good! Were you a stylist before full-time mama?? Like seriously better than some pros!

Lauren Knight said...

Awesome outfit, equally awesome shadows! I love the scarf, and I wish I could recommend a good pair of skinny jeans, but I'm constantly tugging up mine- maybe try some high-waisted?

Anonymous said...

I'm officially becoming a stalker. This is my last comment, I swear! Ok...I think it is. LOVE this outfit!!