Monday, October 28, 2013

try, and try again.

little hands gripped tight.
open and shut them, open and shut them.
deep sighs - PULL! pull! 

a proud smile escapes your mouth as our eyes meet above the crib rails,
then your little knees give out and you are once again sitting 
you pat your fists on the mattress  and then
you reach your hands high once more and try again.

your slippery palms are weak from your last attempt and you give up
you resort to throwing all things in sight over the edge. Watching them
plummet over the rail you grow curious.
then you crouch down and reach your hands up high and grip tight!
PULL! I see your eyes slightly raise abovethe rail once more.

We stare at one another for a brief moment and then I cheer you on.
You lock your knees and are standing up with a sly grin.
You are such a proud little man. {Your good spirits will get you far in life} 
and your refusal to give up on new things is beautiful.
You did it! All those attempts finally sweet success. 
You did it.  

Your new talent of standing in your crib is well thought out. 
It is attempt after relentless attempt, but you don't mind the challenge
You never quit and you don't care how many times it takes to do it right.
Because eventually you do it. It may not be with ease, but it is almost as if
the failed attempts make your victory that much sweeter.

I love watching you learn. I love learning from you. May your determination 
and curiosity always be part of who you are, Wrennyn. It is my hope that they will be. 

...and now we will be lowering your mattress.
I am sorry.


Unknown said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

Love it!

Alia said...

phase one of "operation crib escape" complete