Sunday, October 13, 2013

wedding wears

Wedding season!
2nd wedding of the month for us, and it was a dear friend of mine. It was quite chilly out and the weather forced us to move venues indoors. Thankfully the bride didn't care about anything other than promising her life away. Ok, ok we all know she cared about her hair too. And her dress.

It was a lovely evening and the groom was blushing all night. He must have realized how lucky he was! There wasn't a shy human in the house - that was one loud wedding - I felt right at home! We left the boys home and, well, we don't know how to converse without them as an introductory topic... so we mostly made new friends and laughed about all the guys who thought they were hot and were creeping on the single ladies. Yep, it was an amazing night! What is better than having some single dude think he is every girl's dream as your sideline entertainment. We had to hurry home without dancing because the boys aren't feeling well, but, there was enough entertainment during the dinner that we didn't feel like we missed out.

Much love to you Ashley and your blushing husband. May your years be filled with love, happiness, and friends as loud as your family. So happy to have you in my life and sorry I scribbled on your wedding card. xoxo

 under shirt lna// skirt lna // top lna // necklace givenchy // rings madewell

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wild & grizzly said...

Ok looking at these pics your hair looks gorgeous! Booking appointment tomorrow to sort mine out. Thanks for the kick up the arse I needed :)