Thursday, October 17, 2013

what's the weather?

What's the weather?
Autumn is here and we have taken this chance to break out our scarves, coats, and any shade of beanie we can find! Hipsters in full effect ...minus the vegan and organic diet. and minus the not showering. 

Whatever the case we are loving talking about the change of seasons and I thought I would share with you a current house fave - this beautiful world weather map from molly-meg 's store! Of course, it isn't all rainbows and sunshine - there are cloudy days too! But this is our favorite little pastime for sharing about the weather change and imagining what our friends (you know, the instagram pen-pal-types that we have never met in person and are still hoping that they are not old, bald men fronting as cute moms) all over the world are experiencing. ps molly-meg is one of those brilliant friends from across the world that I was talking about. I have never met her but I find her visions and styling so inspiring and love her approach on toys and beautiful vintage findsThis is where I visit her shop daily and drool over her unique finds. And here is her inspiring blog full of great styling ideas! 

I love how my boys get excited about the change in seasons and weather and really engage. This map is one of my favorite things in the boys' room currently! It would make for an amazing and unique gift (which are the only kind of gifts I like!)! We hope you check it out!


Unknown said...

that's such a cool map! i want one for our son's room!

ruffledsnob said...

Emma, yes I seriously think it's such a great learning tool - plus it's cute as can be I love the pops of color! Glad you like it xx