Monday, November 11, 2013

a dog? on the catwalk?

I want you guys to meet Mini! A great dane who dresses better than you.... I mean me.... I mean all of us. This four-legged, fashion forward pooch is new on the scene, and if you don't have a sense of humor then you probably would hate her. No, that is not true - you would probably love her, because Mini is quite serious about fashion. And really what isn't to love about a dog in couture?!

Mini pounces on the latest trends and keeps us all informed on some of the world's most sought after fashion houses and children's brands in a playful way. She is not only a fashion informer, but she is also the only blogger that can keep my children giggling about sweaters. Mini knows how to rock a mean Gucci coat and don't get me started about her in Kenzo for kids... forget these mommy-made brands Mini 's looks say "go big or go home," and she isn't going anywhere! She has snouted out the most desirable high-end children's fashions and has me wishing I could fit into a 5T. She has quite the elite palette and an even better sense of silly - which is quite the lethal combo. I can't get enough of Mini. Can I also say I may be just a tad jealous of her? I swear if she gets her hands on a Birkin I am going to paw her eyes out. Only kidding! But seriously - if she does...

For smiles, fun, and fashion at its finest you must follow along with Mini. I know I will be watching her silly antics unfold as Mini shares her thoughts on celeb babies and high-end fashions - you can follow along with me and find her here for more fun: facebook twitter , instagram, and pinterest.

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faces said...

Great even the dogs are dressing better than me- I'm going to start shopping at pet smart