Monday, November 25, 2013

a vintage holiday

When the holidays come, it brings me back to childhood. Dreaming of the wonderful gifts under the tree and trying to stay awake as hard as you can to try and catch Santa. (because let's be real, I knew about baby Jesus and all He did for me, but I couldn't wait to rip open my presents - thank you Jesus for understanding a child...!) And can you remember that feeling of opening something and not being sure if you love it? Oh that was the worst! Those often became the gifts that I grew to love most over time.

I just love items that bring my mind whirling back to childhood - a place where life is simple and magical. A place where your mind had no limits and your heart was pure. So I wanted to collect some gift that I felt really bring back that simple and magical time as a child. Opening those beautiful items on Christmas morning and falling in love with the wonder that these items create. I was never a quantity person - and I still am not. I much prefer items that I will love and treasure and I prefer the same for my children. So we hope that you have a magical vintage-like Christmas with all the ones you love xoxo

Brinley wears:: Caramel Baby and Child jacket c/o the beautiful ladida shop // sweatshirt Mini Rodini // Jeans joes jeans // boots Hunter // belt Crewcuts // hat Mama's Closet // tie Crewcuts // binoculars at fourmonkeys // woodland doll cissy wears

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Unknown said...

great toys ideas. my boy would love some of these.