Wednesday, November 6, 2013

when we read

Rowan finished his very first chapter book. I am so proud of him! He is so diligent about reading for 20 minutes alone every day, and it is bittersweet to see him doing it without me. He even loves to read our bedtime stories to his little brothers. I like to think I had something to do with his love for reading, but I can't be sure...

We have been reading to the boys since they were born. I heard once that it was important (and I never asked why) but after all this time I don't ever care what the benefits are, I have enjoyed the memories that we have made during that time! It is my favorite time of our day! We all choose a book and snuggle up and read. I would say it is the most intimate part of our day that includes all of us. I just love the mood of it. 

The way each child's mind processes things are so different, for Rowan reading the story is enough, but for Brinley he wants to ask questions that have nothing to do with the story "why does the boy wear a green coat?" Or "why don't I have a bed like that?" the things he sees while we read are completely different. It is such a great way to get them to engage in conversation and really think about things. I was never big on reading until I became an adult, but I can definitely see where reading comprehension would have made school so much easier for me! My kids seem to have a much better immediate comprehension of what's going on in a story and I am sure it is because we read so often! As for Wrennyn, he just eats the cardboard books, but he is still part of the process and the boys love to point things out to him!

Another thing I have found is that it is such a great quality time activity. We do it every single night! Even after late nights out! The conversation and silly discussions it provokes are some of my favorite memories of my children. It is those moments where we are all quiet and listen to one another. Where we bond and dream together. I may not know all the technical benefits of reading daily, but the ones that have reached my heart are worth it in and of themselves - the rest is just an added bonus! I love watching Rowan be creative and laugh along with the stories he reads - it's such a new way for his mind to think (a way that comes easily for his brother) to just let go of reality and be a little silly. It is precious to me to see them dream! 

I hope these are treasured moments that my boys will look back on fondly. If not, for me, as a mother, those moments and memories during that time together won't ever be forgotten. It may change as the boys get older, but it will always be a special and precious time to me. I hope it is something that they will value one day! 

Do you guys read as a family? What are your favorite books? We are always looking for a good recommendation! 


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Unknown said...

We love our family reading time! Definitely my favorite time of the day.
We have an almost 6 year old daughter, so she's learning how to read in kindergarten right now and she loves to help read. Two of her favorite books are "Mr Follycule's Wonderful Beard" and "Dan the Fabric Man".

We're also reading her James and the Giant Peach, and she loves it!