Tuesday, November 5, 2013

fashion at your fingertips || lil stylers - the app

I want to introduce you guys to a really great new app called lil stylers - it is free in the app store along with itunes find it here. It is a world where shops and stylish little ones collide. 

Plus, we all know I am game for any new social media platform involving fashion!

So, what is lil stylers? You may ask. Well, it is an app where you share photos of your children and tag the items they are wearing hoping to help enhance and promote brands you support, leading your followers to discover and shop the brands you love. 

I have tested it out and gave it a once-over before I introduced you guys to it so I could ensure it was a media I could stand behind! I admit, at first, I was a little leery - an app full of children's fashion... I initially thought it would be filled with parents who think their kids are models and this app was a tool for being "discovered".  Well, after a month long use of the lil stylers app I can very much say that is NOT AT ALL the case! It is a genuine source of community much like other medias we engage in. A place to connect with new people who share similar taste and like-minded approaches to fashion. The coolest part is that they have formed a connection not only between "stylers" but between the shops and the stylers alike. The goal is to be able to help you discover new brands and unique clothing from all over the world and shop right there from your phone. If you follow my fashion posts on La Petite you know that discovering boutique brands from around the world something I am very passionate about! I love unique fashions for kids and supporting small business owners - this app is the gateway to connecting the two. They have made it simple for you to tag the items in your photo and then it will bring you directly to the shop or brand's page so you can purchase the item you have seen as inspiration. It is a great way to cultivate a new love for boutiques and brand excitement in the children's fashion world!

Lil stylers is also great place for brands who are waiting to be discovered! I work with so many mommy-owned shops who don't have a huge budget for advertising, and I really think this app could help grow their business! The link between photos to their shop happens when you click on a tagged shop item - if the brand is registered you will see a shopping bag and those links bring you directly to the brands lil stylers page with items and shop links. The transition is so natural, and I love when discovering a new brand of clothing is as organic as just seeing it styled and falling in love. It will really help people spread the word for the brands, thus cutting out some advertising expenses as well as getting new eyes on their clothing! 

As a blogger I can see the the potential for connecting with new brands to partner with and further promote the ones I already love! I have really enjoyed using lil' stylers and I can't wait to see what is to come for this wonderful new vision of joining the shopping and browsing experience! Plus, there are plug-ins that will direct people from your blog to your lil stylers feed helping grow your following and thus supporting your relationship with brands and strong recognition in the community.

Another great feature that I have noticed is that you are able to see how people are styling items you may already own! It has really given me a fresh take on how to utilize those pre-existing pieces in our closets as I have connected with new stylers! 

It has been refreshing to see the normal day to day shots of children wearing unique and quality clothing. Most other medias are more about our lives but this is specific to style so I have been able to see beautiful brands from across the world! This fashion specific app also weeds out a lot of the useless feeds that you find on medias such as instagram and twitter where their platforms are so large and have a variety of uses - this app is much more specific so it condenses us into a common interest so we can connect and discover more easily!

The few things I have found is that it takes time to learn how to navigate. I know they are a new app, but some of the major things I have had a problem with are needing more ways to find new stylers to follow - hopefully as it progresses we will be able to click the brands and not only shop them, but find other parents who are supporting the brand so we can connect. Another concern is ghost accounts who are there to steal images - although we can't be sure how to protect from that, but being a child specific app I am a bit cautious about the audience that may be following - I haven't seen a way to block people just yet, as well as, little to no privacy settings. Just something to be aware of. Those things have not stopped us from exploring and enjoying the app! Here are some screen shots of our looks as we experimented when it first launched - we are navigating our way and enjoying those we have come across while doing so!

Check out this quick video here demonstrating the different pages and available features! And then go download lil stylers for FREE in the app store because we would love to connect with some of you! You may also be inspired by some of our styles so follow along with us under the name "ruffledsnob xx"

If you would like to see some of the top trending stylers or learn more about the app then head on over to lil stylers website, FB page, twitter, and instagram to get a feel for what new styles and brands you may discover! 

this is a sponsored post but all experiences and opinions are my own. ** we do not share about brands we do not stand behind.

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