Friday, November 8, 2013

holiday prep

I haven't posted styled looks in a while and I kind of missed it! Creating these little dream closets is something my mind lives for! It's better than Cher's virtual closet assistant in Clueless - because everything is cuter in tiny sizes! But I took a note from Cher's book and went for clean, polished and regal looking this fall as we head into the holidays. Grunge may be in, but it doesn't mean that I have to accept it!

I love the rich tones that are ciculating, especially with the holiday season approaching I feel that they are sharp and easily transition from dressed down, to dressed up. I love the deep shades of red that holds these three looks together, of course, having boys, I always love to share my ideas of how each age range differs with not only how they should dress but the toys and gear that accompanies that stage of life. 

What are your favorite colors to dress your family in during the holidays?

baby look::
MARMAR Copenhagen Cardigan find it here
JUST-BO pants find them here
BARTS FENNY pom hat find it here
MAA shoes find them here
PLAYSAM streamliner find it here

toddler look::
PAADE sweater find it here
MINI RODINI pants find them here
PETIT BETEAU scarf find it here
ANGULUS borogues find them here
VINTAGE toy here

gradeschool look::
STELLA MCCARTNEY tee find it here
JR GAULTIER vest find it here
CARAMEL BABY and CHILD pants find them here
MINI KANKEN find it here
ASH FOOTWEAR find them here
LUCKYBOYSUNDAY stuffed pal here

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