Sunday, November 24, 2013

little boy style.

When Andy and I chose to have a 3rd we were shocked at how many people said "going for that girl, huh?!" It drove me mad. It took everything in me to not sock them in the face. NO! We just wanted a healthy baby to love - no matter the sex! No matter the fact that we already had 2 perfect boys! When we found out and shared that it was a boy I thought the comments would stop, but people would continue on saying "Oh, you gotta go for that 4th now..." How ridiculous it is to think that if we decided to have another child that the sex would once again matter. Yes, part of me would love a girl, but there is no part of me that would have another baby banking on that. I would have another baby because we love having a chance to love and pour our hearts into a little human that we treasure.

It is sad that people think girls clothing is amazing and that boys' fashion is dull. Well, here I am raising 3 boys and loving fashion and styling just as much on them as any person raising a little girl. I can't stand when clients and other people outside of my family assume I am suffering by not being able to buy cute girl clothes. Let me share that I foremost had kids because I love them and enjoy having them be part of my life, yet the ability to dress them fun is way down the list of reasons I love having kids. But NO. Just because I have boys does not mean I am missing out on ANYTHING! FYI.

So here I am once again to share that boys style is amazing and just is unique as it is for a mom dressing her daughter. I want to give the moms who are raising boys a chance to put those "poor you..." comments to rest. So I am going to share some of my favorite items in our closets and places to shop, and pieces that I feel are worth owning each season on our blog now. I forever tried to avoid becoming any type of fashion blog - I always enjoy more sharing about our real life - but I feel there is a huge lack of promoting boy style. So I am going to do it! So here you go - this amazing little boy who can make anything look great. 

I am completely in love with this Anais and I coat from Ladida (who psssst is having a major sale!) but living in the cold we are forced to wear coats every day and I refuse to spend the entire winter in huge puffy jackets - so this coat is practical and perfect for when we are running around this holiday season, we will save the puffy jackets for building snowmen and wear this beauty for day-to-day activities. 

This shirt by emma levine is such a great print - and YES it is camels!The colors are so beautiful but the strong print are really what make it really make this outfit pop! You have seen this blazer from shopbelle (find it here) popping up in our feed more and more and that is because it is so universal I am loving mixing bold colors and prints and I hope to continue to bring you guys some awesome and unique brands and pieces to fall in love with!

anais and i jacket ladida // button up shirt emma levine c/o l'officiel enfant // tie jcrew // jeans esp no 1 // socks polarn o pyret // shoes MAA from fourmonkeys // anais and i blazer from shopbelle


Miss Marie said...

You do have a great sense of style! Love the way you dress your boys, it's always an inspiration to look at!

Unknown said...

I have a girl and I cannot stand when people say that girls are more fun to shop for than boys. I also can't stand when people talk about families that have a girl and boy as being is a family of all boys or all girls not perfect?!

East Willow Grove said...

Love this! Have two boys and I actually prefer the boys clothing over the girls! Sure headbands and ruffled butts are cute boy the skinny jeans, layering and mini pea coats are to die for! Plus anything that looks like mini daddy makes my heart melt!

ruffledsnob said...

I absolutely adore these comments! And Carly, I could't agree more with how you said it. Every family dynamic is just perfect! they are all different but perfect in their own ways! It is all beautiful! thanks for sharing your hearts guys xx

Anonymous said...

I have two sons and would like to have more children and many people ask if I want a girl the next time. I always say, "Whatever God gives me." Do I want a girl? Of course. Do I adore my sons? Definitely. I would love to actually have another boy before having a girl, but perhaps the age gap would make him lonely unless we have a fourth boy afterwards too. I guess we'll see what happens, but I would be thrilled with a house filled with little giggling mischievous boys if that is what God has in store for me. There are loads of cute clothing for boys. I feel badly for boys who grew up in the times earlier on, because there was little to chose from. My mom always said that for my two brothers they only really had plain onesies or white t-shirts until they were about 6 (they were born in 1974 and 1977). . .while there were loads to choose from of clothing for me (1983 baby).

Whitney said...

THANK YOU! Well said! My husband and I struggled with infertility for years before we were finally able to adopt our little boy and to be honest, we've always found it rather irritating when couples would complain about getting pregnant with the gender they weren't "hoping" for. We would have each given our right arm just to have a child, so hearing friends whine about "getting pregnant with another stinky boy" was heartbreaking!

And you are so right, boys are TOTALLY fun to dress. There are tons of cute boy clothes out there. Tons! I've had a blast dressing my little man.

I love your style and look forward to seeing more stylish boy posts from you :).