Friday, November 22, 2013


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I can't believe fall has come and gone and now winter is creeping in! I pretty much ask daily why I live here in MN. Although, I love the community I can't grasp why we would choose to be miserable for 3 months, as our activities are extremely limited. Well, rest assured I am hunkered down and online shopping to pass the time so don't you worry about me! I have found you guys some picks for the beautiful mustard, earthy tones that are seeping into our wardrobes. We are pairing ours with blacks and browns to contrast the lights shades during this time of year. I love the warmth in these yellow hued, goodies and maybe it is just that flicker of hope that the sun will stay and keep up warm and bright. So take some cues from the little man and myself and add some warm yellows into your closets! Above are some of my current favorites (can someone please borrow me their daughter so I can buy the girl items!! ...or perhaps they come in my size?!Oh, Santa please!) Wherever you are, we hope you stay warm and that your wardrobe keeps you cozy xoxo

 on me: rag and bone hat | jbrand jeans | forver21 coat | givenchy bag 
 on brinley: gap jeans | anais and i blazer c/o shopbelle | MAA shoes c/o fourmonkeys 


Alia said...

I love this color but sometimes it makes me look green (boo!).
Your hat! I want one!!

ruffledsnob said...

Simple-savvy oh no!!!! LOL green! That is not a proper result :/ - you could try the deeper rust tones those are just as lovely!