Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7am enfant || giveaway

We all know the famous line in Finding Nemo where Dori says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and it is true some times you have to just keep moving and going to stay afloat. Life doesn't wait when you have a baby. I found that out fast when I had Rowan and took time to adjust to a new life with a baby... friends moved on and kept living their own lives and with some you still fit into their lives and others just moved on without you.

Well, it was even harder to grasp when we had Wrennyn. Life wasn't waiting just because we added him, and the older 2 boys certainly weren't planning on missing out on anything - so I decided to just keep going. To keep on swimming, even if I didn't know where I was going I had to just stay in motion and either I would find my way, or life would lead me there. Having Wrennyn be part of our adventures and our day-to-day errands is important to us, we have always strongly felt like our family should stick together. We do most things as a party of 5 and it is really incredible to see how engaged and eager Wrennyn is. Our adventures can't wait, life is still happening and we have to decide to keep on going.

I love products like the Blanket 212 Evolution from 7am enfant - it is a brilliant and practical way to keep on living life and adventuring with a baby in tow. It is incredible how much a cooler climate effects our itinerary and we are so blessed to be able to incorporate Wrennyn into pretty much anything we do now! It is such a beautiful way to keep your little one peaceful when you're out, especially for those who live in the city and are in and out of buildings! It opens and closes with ease and Wrennyn loves being all snuggled in close, but unlike a blanket he can't pull it off when we are outside in really low temperatures! 
I am so excited to share that we are giving away one of the 212 blankets so you and your family can keep on adventuring and take life on with ease, even when there is a little one involved! Be a family, do life together - all of you! Head on over to our instagram page to see how you can win one! We are using the Banket 212 Evolution in metallic gold in our stokke xplory and the warmmuffs 200 in black

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