Monday, December 9, 2013

metal gear

All things metal. 
I am so excited to share with you guys the amazing shop  The Feather Junkie who custom made these sick boots for me! I am dying! They are seriously even better in person, if that is even possible! But believe me - it is! This girl has vision and I love her vibe. I love when emailing with a shop feels like chatting with a friend, and it totally felt like that when clarifying my custom ideas. Anyways, I had a few ideas based off of what I saw on her site and then she put the vision into place and went for it! I can't believe she designed these for me! She even added a few fun extras like the harnesses which made me love her even more - she totally gets me! 

When they arrived on my door step I squealed, put them on and immediately text my mom a photo. She obviously knew she needed some too, so she put them on her Christmas list! I even told my Pastor she needed some - I guess you can say I am crazy over them! Yeah a bit crazy over them... I kind of get excited every time I put them on. So I have worn them every day since they showed up and I love them even more knowing that they go with everything in my closet! Looks like my inner-eccentric is back for good! Who knew I was the cowboy boot type! 

Anyways, when you are done drooling you should pop over to her AMAZING website and look at all the different custom boots she makes (find them here) - keep in mind they are custom design for you which makes each pair unique! So stinking RAD! Then head on over to her jackets here and drool a little more, then remind Santa how good you have been this year and ask for both! EEK! Oh, did I mention she makes them for kids? check it out!!! ummmmm seriously!!! I can't even handle it! Go give her Pinterest a follow, because it is full of inspiration - she is just one cool chick! 

the photos I text my mom - naturally the boots look killer with buffalo plaid! >>>

boots c/o the feather junkie

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