Thursday, January 23, 2014


Ok you guys, so we got the boys ipads for Christmas - I know seems silly given their ages, but we decided it really was a useful tool for us as well when we have them in long waiting situations. I don't feel there is any harm in them if you can find a good way to monitor a gauge the use of them. So we started off ALL IN! Letting them play it without restrictions for the first week. Rowan was the best he really had a good grasp on deciding on his own when to put it down and go play with real toys. Brinley.... Well... Not so much. He would play it all day if he didn't have someone demanding he step away. So after one week of getting it out if their system we decided it was time to implement some rules. We now make the boys earn their play time. They have to spend enough time doing educational activities (reading, refined small motor skills, etc) in order to earn play time on their devices. I am not going to lie, some days it would be easy to just let them engage on their own, but Andy and I really want make a point to be in control of their iPads and be sure they are still using their imaginations.

That being said I wanted to give them am opportunity to have some creative ways to play together - enter Sweet William ltd boutique - I saw they were having a sale and found that these wovenplay costumes were discounted I HAD TO HAVE THEM! I, of course, mean my boys had to have them. I have always loved kids in costumes and enjoyed what a fantasy childhood is (and should be). Sweet William had such great customer service in helping me determine the sizing and with the sale I had to snoop around the site even more and ended up with these amazing Ace and Jig pants as well - which Brinley is living in and I am a tad jealous of! 

So far the wovenplay costumes have brought many adventures and dreams to our home. Make believe play is something I really encourage and what better way than beautiful costumes to give them a release from the real world. I can just picture them running shirtless in the backyard in these in a few months and it makes me anxious for the days of adventuring and dreaming once again! 

We are still striving to find the perfect balance between childhood and electronics, but making the boys earn things has been a really great start for us! Every family has their different view on this subject but you have to do what is right for you and it really takes a lot of effort to not depend on devices! I still think their is a world of make believe out there, and I am determined to help my kids embrace it while their little minds still can! 

And I just want to thank the sweet girls at Sweet William ltd for all of their care and help in our lovely purchase!

find Rowan's costume here and brinley's here

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