Thursday, January 16, 2014

brinley | styled

We are in love with Camp Brand Goods lately - I have this tee and I am living in it! As for Brinley, he is loving the cozy comfort of his pullover! I am pretty sure he has worn it all week long. We can't wait for spring and summer to roll around so we can get back to being outdoors - Camp Brands' instagram feed is making me miss the days of exploring and being on the go. Who signed up for these long winters anyway? It is getting down-right miserable! I can't wait to go on long hikes with the boys, they should be such a perfect age for that this summer! Although the boys may have a hard time giving up the sneakers they are living in for hiking boots... And I will have to teach Andy how to build a fire and put up a tent, but all that aside, I can't wait for laid back days out in nature and exploring this great state. Why else would we subject ourselves to this awful cold if it weren't for the gorgeous Minnesota summers! 

Brinley | Styled
Hat - Mini Rodini
Pullover - Camp Brand Goods
Pants - Baby Gap
Shoes (he lives in these too!) - MAA shoes by way of l'officielenfant


Alia said...

thats a really cute sweatshirt!

Unknown said...

Lovely look! Nice to discover your world!