Monday, January 6, 2014

i. hate. mondays.

Welcome to our new series | I hate Mondays

This series transpired from hating Mondays.. AND Instagram being one snobby community. Instagram has become a place where people have to be on their best behavior at all times or you may get an unfollow. It has pushed shops into posting refined photos of the loveliest things in their shop or home and leaving out their real life. Where they have to be more pretentious because they may have a customer who will be offended if they post a totally normal selfie(example here) when they have a rough day. It has become a place where everyone is on pins and needles about what is or isn't ok to share in case they don't get "likes". I miss it being a place to share who you are. A place where people can see into your life (the real and the not so perfectly monochromatic). A place, where you are just a good person to know even if you post a photo of your daughters wedgie(see example here ). I miss the passion for sharing not just a gorgeous photo, but for sharing about one another. Everyone seems to be so stingy - we have come so far that people are scared to @reply their friends in a photo because HEAVEN FORBID someone may discover your friend's feed and start following them off of your recommendation, GASP! It is all so silly and shallow. I mean seriously, I have seen this happen. So I am trying to bring back to what I loved about social media, and that is the connection between people. The connection between a shop owner and a customer. And the love for sharing about one another and someone who is worth following and NOT just because you were paid to tag a shop. Instagram is not just a place for perfect photography. But it is a place connect and be moved and be inspired - reality and all.

So to kick us off and get us back to the realization that there is a whole world of real people on instagram, who are not just there to sell to you. Where shops that are run properly (Brick and Mortar is not a lost art)are just on IG to enhance the experience.  So, I bring you Nicola of Cissy Wears. She is one stylish, loose canon that you never know what to expect from her or her feed. She has been one of the few shops that has always had a knack for being herself and still a shop favorite at the same time! Nicola, is one of my first and fastest friends I made on IG. She is full of life (and some times vile comments. (all in good humor of course). She has incredible taste and is always one of the first to stock new and exciting brands - she was one of the first shops I knew of who stocked the lovely Lapin and Me. She is one of the few people who's style and personality I most connect with. She is honest and she is hilarious. I am so glad we have bonded over our sick obsession over the quirky LuckyBoySunday (where she has talked me into buying this house for Wrennyn and helped me get my grubby hands on one from her shop) and we also share a love for leopard print anything. 

Here is a fun little bit about Nicola and her taste and who she is and why you should follow her! 

What is your favorite item in your daughter, Cissy's closet?
I've thought through all her amazing outfits but to be honest I think it's her MarMar Copenhagen leopard print. You know for me that leopard  print counts as a basic and there isn't a better one than this. I also love her April Showers by Polder waistcoat and her Quenotte bomber jacket (which happens to be on sale in her shop! find it here while you can!)

What is one big purchase you have made recently that you regret?
My husband bought me a very expensive Kenzo wallet for Christmas that went into the sale at half price on Christmas Eve so I wish I hadn't nagged him to buy me a decent present this year because now we feel slightly cheated 

What is one instagram account that you recommend to follow that cheers you up?
There are lots of different accounts that cheer me up for different reasons - some of my faves are @danniremender @madebylon @dancelittleliar @carolinebosmans @curated_by @miniwilla @kimbahanne @mamawatters @_andrea_h @_ariadne @jetaimekyan @apieceofcake82 @aperfectpoem33 and maybe @ruffledsnob

If you could be married to any musician who would it be? and why?
I worked in the music industry for years and spent a lot of time on the road with bands. For this reason I would never marry a musician. There's an old adage "what goes on tour, stays on tour". That's all I'm saying.

What is your current favorite thing to be pinning at the moment?
I'm in the process of booking appointments for some more tattoo work now Cassius has been born so I'm pinning lots of tattoos. 
This is one of my favourite ever tattoos done by my fave tattooist Valerie Vargas and which inspired my feather tattoos

Who is your favorite style inspiration at the moment?
I've been pregnant for 9 months and now I'm
Nursing. Style doesn't come into it.

I saw you were on the Isabel Marant x HM train... are you happy with your purchase?
No. I returned the jumper because it was completely impractical - you can't nurse in it or wear a sling over it. The boots were too high for me so they got returned too. I loved the jogging bottoms but they've shrunk and gone horrible after a couple of washes. 

What celeb do people say you resemble?
People used to say Lauren Laverne (English singer and TV presenter). 
 I don't think I have a celebrity lookalike but I'm open to suggestions. 

What is your go-to song to get out of a bad mood?
My sister and I can do a badass rendition of Honeyz "End of the line"
Nobody will remember that song. We also do "war of nerves" by All Saints. I don't expect that to resonate with anybody either 

If you don't already follow Nicola on instagram she is one who will make you feel totally normal and a bit better about your life. She is spunky and straight forward and posts loads of lovely things for the children and home! 

Nicola is also sweet enough to be giving one of our lucky readers an gorgeous BLUE BON BON to enter follow Nicola on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and follow the rafflecopter instructions furthur!

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Hannah said...

great blog and great giveaway. I have posted the pic on my Instagram @hannah_charles_
Fingers crossed xx

Stephanie said...

I love following Nicola from @cissywears on Instagram, she makes me laugh every time with her honesty (that I can always relate to!!) Fingers crossed with the giveaway, I think I'd, I mean my son, would love to own blue bon bon ;) x

P.S Great series!!

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Ana said...

awesome post. Honestly its really sad that what you point out is in fact 100% true. I have "friends" also who do much of what you described and its really quite odd. I don't know why we're in a bloody competition...its super lame. So good job for putting it out there

Unknown said...

Hell yeah, sister! Awesome post!

Patty said...

In a world where we are seeing what everyone is always doing we are not always so transparent! Thanks for being real!

Stacey said...

Love this and so true! I am visiting from bluebird kisses. Anyway, I have to remain authentic otherwise it's no fun for me. I love authentic relationships and think I've managed to maintain those. Unfortunately, I may be known as the Baileys loving mama because I post so much about it,.. Anyway, great post!

Unknown said...

We keep it real on ig. Loving this giveaway. Insta name is ASHEMONIQUEJADE. Thanks!

Yaara said...

so great. My IG @yaarah31

Unknown said...

we shared yesterday & today too. IG name is ashemoniquejade :) we need a win. worst week ever first day of school was monday and going down hill! :((((((

Unknown said...

ahhhhh! thank you thank you thank you.needed this!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found you on Instagram, and am now pouring through the blog. LOVE THIS! I'm fairly new to Instagram and briefly second guessed posting a picture that depicted my love of wine last night for fear of offending. Then I thought...I DRINK WINE! It's my page! Posted :) Love your feed and the blog :)