Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Bobo Choses is one of my all time favorite kids label. The always have the most unique color palettes and original shapes and designs. But it is their whimsy and playful take on childhood clothing that always makes me drop my jaw! The moment I laid eyes on this collection I couldn't contain my excitement! My own personal wardrobe has always been filled with flair and passion for the 70's and I have had my fair-share of putting my boys in bloomers and rompers, so to see a brand that executed these concepts in such a perfect way leaves me speechless. All I can share is that we will be on our computer daily waiting for the first drop to hit! And YES my boys will probably be wearing culottes this summer. Thank you Bobo Choses for always bringing excitement and wonder into children's fashion. We adore you!

Here is the official press release statement for BOBO CHOSES SS14 | MANIFESTO:: 

"The vintage wardrobe is no longer a wardrobe. It’s a time-machine. 
We open its doors and begin a journey back to those hot summers,bringing 
old sunny holidays souveniers with our friends around the swiming-pool. 
A reunion of all we were, believed in and loved through our 
favourite garments. 
Bobo Choses presents MANIFESTO, its new SS14 collection. 
An eclectic collection that makes you live the spirit of the 70’s and 80’s 
through handmade prints, warm worned-out colours, glitter and lurex. 
Jersey, silk, fleece, voile, denim and nylon are part of the wide variety 
of fabrics in SS14, a collection defending clothes as a symbol 
of personal identity.
Dress up and get ready for the trip!"

press credits:
Laia Aguilar

Otto & Olaf 
Art and Communication

Pablo, Teo, Adriana, Louis, Hector, 
Bianca & Fiona

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