Friday, January 10, 2014

polar vortex and other things

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the great feedback and conversations on our I HATE MONDAYS series! It won't be every Monday - but we are sure excited to highlight some amazing people that you need to keep your eye on!

I am so glad that many of you feel the same way about what you feel is "adequate" to post on Instagram. It is hard when there are so many talented people to keep up with, but that is the beauty of it, there are so many different feeds to draw inspiration from - so many unique ways that people are using it! I wanted to share that I wasn't meaning for people to dig so deep on the meaning behind what I wrote. I have no problem with gorgeous feeds full of styled photos - in fact, I follow and am friends with MANY of those feeds, I just meant shops shouldn't be shamed if they aren't experts at styling and design - they should be free to use the platform in a way that they see fit for their business. I in NO WAY was saying anything against those feeds! I don't think everyone needs to be full of silly selfies or anything of the sort, it was just a way for me to break the ice and try to be the barrier between the two worlds - so I hope for the few that thought I was directing my words in that way, I assure you I was really just trying to share that I think there should be a place for both types of Instagram feeds - the tailored and the normal!

On to other things...

We are stuck in a Polar Vortex. Sounds scary! And admittedly I kind of love it because Andy and I have never snuggled so much in our lives! No, seriously! We need the body heat because the low temps have been semi-frightening! The one amazing perk of living in a smaller space is that the space heater does wonders, I feel like I am on a CA vacation with that thing cranked on in our bedrooms.

The frigid temps have kept us from leaving the house much, which you can imagine with 3 boys it isn't worth bundling up to get a Starbucks, so instead we have opted for loads of blankets, movies, and lots of bonding. It has also forced us to get the Christmas presents put away, and we got a fancy new dresser off of Craigslist for the boys' room! It was such a great find and I am loving the way it helped us get some of their special belongings out of their little brother's reach! It also made a nice platform for showing off Rowan's Lego Masterpieces that he built from his Christmas haul!

So here are some photos of the cold, and us keeping warm over the past week. We hope you are all safe and that your pipes aren't bursting. Literally.

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