Sunday, January 26, 2014

simple jewelry | currently coveting

Loving simple statement jewelry.
Right now I am in to buying plain shirts and skinny jeans and then using jewelry to change the look up. Simple pieces make strong statements. I love the unique look of each of these affordable pieces, and there is something beautiful about not over doing it. I have always loved to have a few special pieces and I am not really the fine jewelry type. I would much rather own things that I can change up, but that have a timeless look. Plus, lets be real, I hoard rings like a gypsy!

Here is my current "currently coveting" list:
red earth trading co | rings
ono jewellery | ring
a weathered penny | necklace
winifred grace | gauge cuff
another feather | ring
maria black | ring

psst pass this list along to your guy, perhaps he may pick one up for you for Valentines Day!

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lesliekershaw said...

Love them all! Simple is always better in my book.