Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a few new things we love

New items coming in and especially excited about the brand MAR MAR COPENHAGEN it is quite possibly the most stunning collection of little clothes I have ever seen! Every detail is thought out and not to mention their unbeatable styling. So thrilled to have some pieces in our wardrobes for those very special occasions. I had a peek into their FW14 line and it is lovely as expected. I am keeping on eye on them and loving every second of it!

1 new walking shoes and pigeon for Wrennyn for his birthday from fourmonkeys here and here
2 a new little fancy friend who looks ready for vacation from little lisa smile
3 Mar Mar Copenhagen jumper
4 Mar Mar Copenhagen top
5 Mar Mar Copenhagen lookbook
6 Wrennyn finally taking a bottle in his beautiful new body suit find it here

All of this has me anticipating the last few weeks of winter and getting spring thoughts whirling in my mind! What are you doing to pass the time until it warms up?

1 comment:

Maria said...

Angelo!! Oliver proudly has one too (in a little suit) and he LOVES him :) xo, Maria