Monday, February 10, 2014

a little bit rock...

I see all these moms rocking stilettos on their fashion blogs and I am thinking "What the heck? Who is carrying their kid around all day for them" It just doesn't seem real to me. Of course, unless you are Rachel Zoe, which you're not, sorry. I can't help but wonder what is becoming of blogs. It seems that it is more they live life TO blog versus live life then blog about it. I may not have fancy DIY's to share or outfits where it looks like I am going to the Oscars, but you will find daily doses of normal and practical. I may even wear the same item more than once **GASP** 

This world of blogging and Instagram is a funny thing though, I went to a local pop-up event this weekend it showcased some of the lovely Minnesota designers that have become quite a thing recently thanks to Instagram. But honestly seeing it in person made me think about that.... "do I really want it? Or do I want it for my instagram feed?" How many of you buy something because you see it being popular in a social media context but when you get it in person you practically laugh at yourself for how stupid you feel buying into the "fad"? The prices of some of the local designers astounded me, I understand it is a lot of work, but some were charging the same price as well-known designers and to be honest, I am not sure that I felt some of the items would live up to their price value. I assure you, I really have to think my purchases over in my head at times wondering if it is something I want because I truly love it, or if it is something I want because I will love how it photographs. It is kind of sad things are becoming that way. Let's try to get back to being ourselves and sharing who we are versus doing things specifically to share about them. It is certainly a tricky thing at times, but I hope that you guys know I always try to be careful and protect what I promote, because I don't want to do things just because they "look good" 

So at any rate, here is my outfit and if you like the pieces I hope to help you find them, since I wear a lot of items over and over my wardrobe isn't always current but I will try to help find similar pieces! 


*Jeans are the skinny skinny from MADEWELL I also have and love these Genetic Denim  skinny jeans are worth the investment - they aren't going away any time soon.
*Cardigan old but find similar styles here and here and here 
*Clogs are Sangren but I also love these and these
*Necklace givenchy but any collar necklace would work
*Vintage Harley Davidson belt
*Upcycled Vintage Concert tee but love this one and this one


Elizabeth said...

Love love love.
And look at me signing into my blog. lol.

Renae Hatch said...

I can't even tell you how much this resonates with me!! I often feel like I can't post things for fear someone thinks I am copying something even when...IE: the top knot I wore in circa 2002 is now too popular! Lol. I love your 'thoughts' and honesty in your blog posts and how it shows you living a 'real' and thoughtful life!! Your so rad momma!! xx

shayna said...
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shayna said...

loving your style in this post. there are some local designers or etsy shops that i wish i could support but unfortunately it's not in the budget. instead, i will share their goodies on my blog, fb or ig so that i can support them in other ways. i completely agree that it's easy to lose yourself in social media. it's so important to stay true oneself
thanks for sharing~S.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. I just discovered your blog (I haven't read much yet, but I intend to) and I've also been thinking about starting one also in the near future.
This is definetly something I will think about when doing so.

Have a nice day!