Thursday, February 13, 2014

circus tent

We got this adorable circus tent from Anthropologie for Wrennyn's birthday. I wanted to get him something special and unique and since it was his first birthday I love the idea of the gift being an heirloom. It cost an arm and a foot so I debated it for a long time, but after having picked up the Maileg elephant in a local boutique I couldn't get it out of my head. So, I searched high and low to find this thing. It showed up with missing pieces and Anthropologie was so incredibly kind  and helped me locate the missing pieces and worked with me to take care of it and help track them down to make it a complete set. Days before his birthday I would take it out and look at it. It was so lovely, with so many wonderful details! The day came when we got to take it out and leave it set up, oh, how charming it was, perfectly placed and ready to be loved, then along comes Wrennyn. He trashed it. Well, ok, trashing it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but he definitely had a few Alice in Wonderland moments where he tried to go inside but his big giant head got stuck because he didn't fit. He yanked at the delicate ladder and rings that hang inside and nearly bit the ear off the mouse. I was terrified. This wasn't only going to cost me an arm and a leg, but it was about to give me a heart attack! On top of it Andy had to keep prying and asking if he liked it (naturally with the high price point Andy was more than eager to be sure it lived up to it's expectations). I mean, mind your own business, honey! Since when do husbands care about our kids' toys???! UGH! I had to fess up and tell Andy that I didn't think Wrennyn was ready for it yet. I was a bit sad since I had waited so long to get it out for him. But to my surprise Brinley was very fond of it and had a real scream making the mice run from the lion. He was quite into the whole ringmaster bit. I really love this toy, I would say it is definitely delicate and needs to be played with gently, but I completely admire the details and the beautiful little life this toy creates within the child's mind... That is as long as your child isn't only 1 year old. Definitely happy we got it and I will continue to take it out and play along with the kids, but we will probably let Wrennyn have the podiums to hold in his fists and keep the rest of them mice away from his feisty little hands until he gets a little bit bigger. Some times you just love things and force them to work - haha. I think this tent will be more for me than the kids, but shhh don't tell Andy.

The Circus Tent is by Maileg we got ours at Anthropologie - who sadly only stocked it over the holidays (trust me I called nearly every location to find mine! Haha), but through various retailers you could find it along with all the little detailed mice and bits!

We love the fun of having some clothes that add to the imagination while we play - I couldn't resist this amazing piece from MarMar Copenhagen we don't mind venturing to the girl's side when it comes to lovely items that create part of the circus world! Although I didn't get a proper shot of his pants, I am in love with them! They are also from MarMar

Wrennyn's top can be found here shoes from fourmonkeys and dungarees are from fawn-shoppe


Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so sorry that I laughed so hard while reading this. And ONLY because I totally empathize :) Love how you keep it real while posting beautiful images.

William Braylen said...

thanks of you

Robert Nguyen said...

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Barbara M. Gridley said...

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