Friday, February 28, 2014

city in a bag

Loving our small city blocks by Muji! We got them a while back but have come to love these little "City in a Bag" sets. They are a small glimpse of some of the major cities from around the world. They show case the unique architecture and give a small glimmer into what that city is all about. We love that our taxi and pigeon have overtaken the city and make the buildings seem so small - calling  GODZILLA to come and play! Of course, we started with New York as we took Rowan there when he was small, and then planned on adding to our sets but these blocks have become really hard to find! So if you happen to know where we can find them, I would love a heads up! I really would love the London or Amsterdam sets! You can still find the New York set here

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Unknown said...

Loving the NYC set, such a great idea for new moms in the city! Pair with 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus' and I'm set :)