Monday, February 24, 2014

giveaway | we are sons and daughters

We love what they are doing over at We Are Sons and Daughters eyewear where they are focused on premium and forward thinking eyewear for your future little icon. 

I have personally experienced eye damage due to sun exposure, so keeping my children's eyes protected is high priority for me! After having multiple poor quality glasses for my boys, I knew that it just wasn't worth risking the vision in their eyes. I understand people worry about their kids ability to break glasses or how to care for them properly, but, yep, some times that is when being a parent comes in and you just really have to help remind them how to care for them. 

Not only are these glasses high in the ranking of protection, but they are high ranked in fashion. Have you seen the "XO" pair? I mean seriously every little trendsetter needs those! Handmade in Canada We Are Sons and Daughters has a forward mentality about kids fashion and they take iconic looks and make them into strong statements for your child! They also have optic options which I love because they are completely on-trend with making your little one the most stylish kid on the block! 

I think keeping your child protected from harmful rays from the sun is important, and seeing their approach to this really struck a chord with me. Plus, let's be real... They made camo frames that sent Rowan into a tizzy, so I knew we had to help you guys get to know them and give you a chance to win a pair of your own! Check out our facebook page here to see how to enter and then head over to We Are Sons and Daughters and get to know them for yourself! Find their Facebook page here (which you have to follow to enter our giveaway) and be the first to know about the latest updates from the brand!

To enter go to our facebook page - you will see a post with their glasses - you must like both We Are Sons and Daughters  and Pirates and Peonies on Facebook then comment on the sunglass entry photo tagging a friend you would like to win with (you each will get to choose a pair from their website!) tag as many friends as you would like in separate comments as each counts for an additional entry! see the official entry post here

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