Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the now.

things | currently loving

crowns | source
loving feminine details. it isn't that i love crows, per-se, it is more that i love the feminine touch and quirky statement this photo makes with such a simple style piece.

silence | source
some days we need to remember to shut our mouths.

gold necklace | source
loving dainty jewels and the idea of dressing up a tee in such a simple way. i would say that is one of my signature styles.

good vibes | source
hate: ain't nobody got time for that.

donuts | source
donuts are always the right choice. always.

pink | source
go pink or go home. loving adding some pretty soft pastels to my wardrobe this time of year. of course, they only come in small doses.

textures | source
i am totally digging textures. mixing textures, or just unexpected textures. i am all about it.

liv tyler | source
the stunning beauty. she is quirky and poised all at once. i never used to find her beautiful, the older i get the more my idea of beauty is changing on a daily basis. liv is a stunner.

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