Monday, March 10, 2014

crusi with me

If you were ever wondering what the one investment piece is when you are expecting I would hands down say it is your stroller {cart, buggy}. We got the absolute bottom of the line stroller way back when I had Rowan over 7 years ago, and I can't begin to tell you how uninformed I was. I honestly feel like such a fool looking back to those days - we bought everything someone told us based off of their recommendation, and I truly regret it. 7 years and 3 kids later I am finally feeling like I get it. Maybe it is due to being more mature in general, but I have really realized that owning a few brilliant items is far better than hoarding anything you can get your hands on. Having quality and functional products will make you more engaged and simplify your life. We definitely spent money on many things that went unused, and it is such a shame.

For me the stroller is the one thing that stays with you past the baby stages - it reaches beyond the years of baby toys, high chairs, and even cribs. The stroller is with you well until the age of 4 and some times beyond that. Not only do you use the stroller the longest, but it is one of the most used baby items you will own. Nearly every day, in our case. That is why I can't believe it took me so long to discover Stokke and their brilliant Crusi. I have always loved their luxury, modern designs - but after using their Crusi for a few weeks now I have a new appreciation for their design concepts. For starters, of all the strollers I have owned, theirs are the easiest to put together. They are a bit heavier than others we have owned, but I appreciate that quality, even when it comes to daily use. We do have the Xplory as well, and I  always rave about it, but the comparison in the Crusi is so great for families. Especially if you have 2 small ones there is a second seat option which I love! If Andy ever gives in and lets us have a fourth I could see that being incredibly beneficial to have that additional seat option! To be able to get both in the cart comfortably is a huge task for a mother of two young children! ...But since we don't have a use for a second seat I am taking full advantage of the huge undercarriage to store things. In the summer we always have skateboards and scooters that we are hauling around and I tested it out and they fit! Andy is also a tad worried about the large storage option, because it means more room for shopping bags! Wahoo! But I really love this spacious undercarriage for storing our winter coats while in a shop or on an errand - in comparison to the xplory it is one of the most obvious differences when having it in use. It also collapses smaller than the Xplory which if you have limited trunk space, could make the Crusi a better option for you. 

One of my favorite features is the easy-adjust handle bars, since Andy is 6"1 and I am 5"6 there is quite the difference in our height, and Stokke has thought of this. They also make it easy to adjust the baby's position - as the entire seat rotates reclines to make the transition smooth(the xplory also has both of those options which I love!)  Where as in our old, cheaper stroller only the back of the seat adjusted and when I would try to recline Rowan I always woke-up him up because it would jerk or change his body position. This way their entire body moves without their position being disturbed and it keeps their legs in a restful position versus just hanging. I love how upright and engaged all the Stokke strollers adjust!

We also decided that the since it is still cold here well into April and May that the bundle options were completely necessary so we got the footmuff and the knitted blanket because as our older boys will be ready to go out as soon as the temps get to about 30 degrees we still have to make sure that it is safe and practical for Wrennyn to join them! The footmuff is shaped perfectly to fit in the seat, and it is easy and accessible for cold temps, you just have to be ready to take an extra minute to get it all situated properly for the full protection from the cold. I love how the knit blanket snaps on so it can't fall into melting snow puddles and it will be perfect in the summer for breezy nights by the lake! It also has a visor that easily extends and is much larger than any other stroller on the market, and being we are fair skinned this is important to me, because I am extremely cautious about babies and sun exposure. I love that many of our accessories can be shared amongst both of our Stokke strollers and are interchangeable making them have multiple uses!

Black Melange was the obvious choice for me since I love all things black. This sleek new take on black is stunning in person and it makes the Crusi the absolute chicest of them. I have nothing but rave reviews on every singly Stokke product we own and I wish I would have known what a worthwhile investment a stroller is. I absolutely say it is the one thing you should think carefully about and really consider the amount of time your child will spend in their seat - Stokke allows them to stay engaged and be part of their surroundings and it is a beautiful thing! 

Please, if you have any questions on any of their products we own please ask about them. I would love to give you an honest opinion on their function and quality.

stokke crusi in black melange c/o stokke


Alia said...

We REALLY wanted that stroller, but there is no way a family like ours on a tight budget could ever even dream of spending $1250 on it. That's straight crazy. I do love how high up the seat is and Stokke's philosophy of face to face interaction between parent and child. Out of all the strollers they sell, this one is the one I'd pick for sure. Glad you like it.

Alia said...

By the look FAB! That sweater is gorgeous.