Friday, March 14, 2014

paper pages | extra yarn

We have shared about our book obsession many times on Instagram and we love to collect good stories. So, I thought I would start a mini-series sharing about the books we love and why. I have always been a collector of books. Coffee Table Books are are amongst my favorite when I have spare minute - it is more than the beautiful images, but it is the feeling and creative stimulation that they bring that really makes me feel tied to them. I think my love for great images also trickles into my children's book collections, it is no surprise that I often love books that have won a Caldecott Honor Award (which is an award gifted to books with outstanding illustrations that year). 

Extra Yarn is one we currently picked up and I was drawn to its simple and colorful color on the cover, but the story is just as whimsy as the illustrations. It is about a girl who stumbles across some yarn and obviously enough, she has enough yarn  to knit lots of things for lots of people. The boys love when she knits clothing for animals, and I am a bit fond of when she starts knitting yarn for things that do not typically wear clothes - like a tree or a pick up truck. An archduke hears of the magical never ending box of yarn that has turned the boring old town into a happy colorful place and he tries to get his evil hands on the box - It is a cute little story and I definitely recommend it! And as always it has a happy ending. 

*you will now be able to find the books we love under the category PAPER PAGES this is the first entry*

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