Friday, March 28, 2014

style smaller | new in from shan and toad

Excited to share about some of our new summer pieces that are making their way into our closets! I am obsessed with the vintage flair of the new Bobo Choses collection and one of my favorite places to get their pieces is Shan and Toad shop, because she always stocks the items from the collections that really relate to my style. She has a few of the items that I haven't seen many other stores carrying, and this waistcoat is one of them! I was unsure of the rainbow part of the collection at first, I mean I of course loved it, but wondered if it wasn't fit for boys as much - I quickly changed my mind and decided RAINBOWS and LIPS were a must in this house. Boys or not. So I grabbed this and this while I could! Rowan is very athletic, so I also knew having an olympic striped piece was completely necessary! I also love the soft and easy go-to pieces like this polka dot onesie for baby! We can't wait to share some more photos of our summer pieces, but I just wanted to share about Shan and Toad because I really love her shop and I just keep praying that one day she will accidentally send me one of her gorgeous 4 daughters in my package!

*helpful tip: if you sign up for her emails you get $10 off your first purchase so keep that in mind to save a little bit on your order!

Brinley wears: Baby Gap denim // Bobo Choses tops from Shan and Toad here and here / Birkenstocks

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