Tuesday, April 1, 2014

not everybody blogs | kelly wilde

Do you guys remember my mini-series "not everybody blogs" ? Well I started it to be able to share with you the people who love inspiring lives (and, well, don't feel the need to bog about it). It is a platform to get to know these talented and beautiful women better and deeper than just the glimpse you see of them on Instagram. 

I want to introduce you guys to Kelly! She is one of the very first moms I connected with on Instagram, and Kelly is a mom who constantly inspires me and reminds me that a simple life full of love is worth more than anything in the world. Kelly is full of hope, love, laughs, and healthy eating!! I first related to her life because she always showed the real. She may not share every inch of her life, but she definitely shares the beautiful and the ordinary moments in life in a deep way. Her life is full of loving kindness. Her posts are always filled with honesty and truth. I love her little family - you can tell that she loves being a mom more than anything in the world and her kids are beyond beautiful. She has twin boys and a little girl and they all love Jesus and one another. Kelly always gives me those little nuggets of wisdom and encouragement {through her posts} when I need them. I know she is touching more people than just me each day! 

Kelly not only reminds me that our ordinary lives are beautiful, but that they are worth taking care of! She started to document her journey about clean and healthy eating and it not only shocks me what devoted eating habits she has, but it is remarkably inspiring! Eating healthy is an area that I really struggle with, but she makes it look so easy! She is so energetic and full of life, and she is so humble about it. She shares easy tips and recipes! Her eating is completely RAW! LITERALLY! Yeah, I know... my brain can't wrap around that concept either! I am so inspired by her ability to eat such a clean diet while raising little ones. It really has made me think about my habits and what I am putting into my children. 

I encourage you to get to know Kelly on her personal IG here @KellyWilde as a reminder to soak in the little things each day or follow her inspiring clean RAW eating journey here @wildelyraw to find yourself encouraged and inspired about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Read along and find out who she is, and why I fell in love with Kelly and her feed in the first place:

I first knew you as a fun, loving mother. What is the one thing that most shocked you about motherhood? 

Being a mom is the most wonderful, life-changing, and heart exploding vocation, yet simultaneously the most challenging and stretching thing of my life. My husband and I always laugh and say, "The reason God gives us babies is to teach us how not to be a baby." Ha! Isn't it true though?! I have three little ones all under three (twin boys and a baby girl born 13 months later), so you can imagine how many tears are shed (not just the babies), fights are negotiated, and corrective adjustments are made everyday. But I like to think that God is smiling, while I'm busy teaching and correcting my kids, as He gently teaches me about who I am.

What is one of your favorite ways that you and your husband manage to keep time for each other while raising 3 small kids? 
Date Night!!!! It's my favorite night of the week. The one time when we can finish a conversation, let alone have one (uninterrupted!) Ha! We guard that time + make sure once a week we get to go out alone. We also are blessed to have kids who play hard + crash hard. :) they are usually all asleep by 8...ish...{we worked really hard for that as we shaped their routine} so we could have time together to rest at night + be together 

You have really become a strong influence in my life about healthier living and eating, can you tell me what made you really transform your eating habits?
Oh my gosh, you're so sweet!! Well, I've always been interested in health and nutrition and overall have always been a pretty healthy eater, and I like to say there have been multiple layers to my health journey. But I've learned a lot over the years as i've read and studied, etc and really learned what works good for my body. But the last year has really gone to a new level as I've started incorporating a ton of more RAW food into my diet. I've changed my focus, rather then focusing on what i "can't" or shouldn't have, I focus instead on putting as much nourishment in me that I can, in the form of living, raw foods. And I like to have fun and be creative with how I do that too. It makes eating healthy so simple, easy and way more desirable! 

What is one tip you would give someone who is trying to eat healthier?
I'm convinced that any area in our life that we make all about restrictions and rules and dont's, we already end up feeling defeated in that area, and therefore we ARE defeated. God has called us to the abundant life, a blessed life. When it comes to food, if we are always beating ourselves up over the "mistakes" we made that day, or punishing ourselves for eating that donut. (Listen, sometimes you just need a good donut) or constantly counting calories, we're not really enjoying life, let alone our food, which is meant to be enjoyed. FOOD is fuel, it's nourishment that our body and cells need to thrive! Don't focus so much on what you can't or shouldn't have, but rather focus on filling your body with healthy, nourishing FUEL, foods that are going to make your body feel good, give you energy that will outlast your three year old, and give you a razor sharp wit while your at it. ;)

Where is your favorite place to shop?
On-line! Ha. Living in Boise, unfortunately we don't YET have a great selection of stores...but we did just get a Nordstrom Rack. Yeah, that's right, not a Nordstroms, a Nordstroms Rack...sigh. 

If people were visiting your area what is one place that they MUST see/visit? 
We DO have AMAZING restaurants here in Boise! So thankful for that!! Hmmm...my favorite spot right now though is Red Feather in downtown Boise.

What are your 2 favorite healthy living Instagram accounts to follow?
I absolutely love @alouette_+ @nutritionstripped

What are your 2 favorite family Instagram accounts that you recommend? Oh man, there are SO many amazing mama's that I LOVE to follow and I am so inspired by...

I honestly would have to say YOURS is one of my top faves. (and no i did not get paid to say that;)
But 2 more would have to be @herwelshness (I adore her + am so inspired by all of her posts) and @simplygrove (yes she is my cousin, haha!) but I can't help but put her too. She's even more extraordinary in person then she comes across on Instagram. She's an amazing wife, mom AND super talented woman!

What was the hardest thing for you to give up when you changed your eating habits?
CHEESE!! (cue the tears...) I am a Vegan, and cutting out the meat was no problem for me. But I do miss cheese every now and then, especially on a big slice of pizza. :)

What is one thing you hope to pass on to your children? (A trait, a belief, a view, or an actual physical item) 
My love and passion for God and for people would be the greatest thing I believe I could ever teach my children to have and it is my prayer every single night for them when I tuck them in, "That they would know the extravagant love that God has for them, that they would be confident in that love, find their identity in His love alone, and that they would freely receive His love for them, so that they can freely give it away to others all the days of their lives."

If you could be friends with a celebrity who do you most picture it would be? 
Oh this one's easy. Guilianna Rancic. (from E!news) I absolutely love her!! Shes one of those celebrities that you just know, if you met, you would be great friends in real life. She just seems so fun and down to earth :):) 

Now go and support Kelly, cheer her on, and be inspired! I am so lucky I have been able to watch her grow over the past year and a half and I can't wait to see where God is taking this beautiful woman next!


Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful post!! I just love Kelly so so much and she is such an amazing mom, woman, and friend! So happy to see this post about her so that other can know just how wonderful and inspiring she truly is!! ♡

Kelly Wilde said...

Thank you so much Shaynah!!! You are just too sweet, kind + amazing!! I'm so honored that you would want to post about me + so touched by your kind and thoughtful words. So thankful for your friendship through IG!! Love you tons!! And thank you Hannah (@saltedcrown)!! I love you friend so much!!!!!