Sunday, April 6, 2014

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This week the boys were on spring break and it really was a time where I sat back and thought about the preview of what our summer was going to look like. This past year after having Wrennyn was a big struggle for me finding time to balance adding a baby into the mix while raising older children. My heart hurt, because I realized I felt out of touch with having intimate moments and time alone with each boy as an individual. I have felt tired and worn, no doubt, but I also really missed the times where I had to spend with each boy. Rowan and I really have had the biggest change in our relationship, especially as he had grown on his own just with age, he has needed my help less and less. As I thought about our summer and what all this change meant for us, I really evaluated where I was spending my time. I was trying to get rest and quiet time for myself when Wrennyn was napping, and it just didn't seem right with the boys home. I knew that this was a change I was going to work really hard at this summer. Sacrificing my alone time. I missed being present for the big boys. I missed playing games like candyland and just finding little moments to laugh together. Rowan and I started playing catch one day, and I teared up thinking of how much I missed these mild moments of being his mom and being part of simple play time activities. I realized I had really slacked off in a lot of areas. We have always treasured what a tight-knit group we are, and I felt it slipping away from me these past few months. I am so glad that while the boys had the week off, I took the time to gain some of that back. It is my goal to strive for this individual time with them this summer. To be part of the little things, the things that they feel are important. To not be so exhausted with just the mundane tasks in life that I don't listen to them when they need me most. Because the habits we form and develop now will be the building blocks for how our lives will be paved in the future, and they are the stepping stones for what our relationship with our kids will evolve to. I am trying to figure out how it all works together, but I am so thankful that kids are resilient and they have a heart of love and forgiveness. I know there are times when I have failed, just due to my lack of trying, or being overwhelmed, but I am ready to move on and be stronger and be that mom that takes extra time to listen to their hearts and their deepest worries. I want to not only be their mom, but I want to be their friend.


We got these gorgeous suits for Easter from Appaman who is one of the few brands that specializes in fine tailoring for children. I think every young boy should have a suit in his life - something that makes him look both charming and fabulous. I love anything in chambray and I can't wait to show my boys off in these designer duds. The fit is absolutely beautiful. One of my least favorite things about boys' clothing is when they look like they are wearing a shrunken version of their dad's clothing, Appaman makes the suits so they are designed for a child's body with a modern twist on slim fit. I
can't begin to tell you how charming my boys became the moment they put their new suits on. I suppose the photos speak for themselves :)


I also wanted to share that last summer I was asked to be part of an amazing opportunity - I was featured alongside some of the most incredible women in a feature film about blogging. Below is the the trailer. I am so thankful for the beautiful people I have met through my blog and the many life changing connections it has brought me. It was an honor to be filmed with my family and just talk about our little space where I share my heart. Thank you Chris for having us share our story, we can't wait to see the full film! I especially want to thank all of you, for following our journey, cheering us on, and being our friends. You guys mean the world to me!

American Blogger Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

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