Monday, April 28, 2014

there is hope, and it starts now.

I have teamed up with a very special company today! Sevenly found me through instagram a little over a month ago and when they contacted me, I absolutely couldn't say no. It was the first I had ever heard of them. It always shocks me to find amazing companies like this, and it makes me wish I had discovered them sooner! Sevenly  sells clothing with a powerful message, but not only do you get great clothes, you also help donate money to a charity in the process. For every item you buy $7 goes directly to the featured charity of that week. This week I have chosen to team with sevenly as they honor and help raise awareness for Feed My Starving Children. Feed My Starving Children is a Minnesota based charity that I have actually donated time to. Family {mothers} who don't have the means to properly care for their children is gut wrenching to me! I can't imagine watching my babies go days without food. Feed My Starving Children is completely run based off of donation of time and money. They help get food to parts of the world that are in desperate need. Many of the organizations that have distribute food from Feed My Starving Children are able to bring people from villages nearby who are desperate for food, and those organizations are also equipped to identify early stages of Tuberculosis (which is final stages of starvation) and get babies, kids and families on a food plan to bring their bodies restoration.

I want you to sit back and truly think about this for a minute. Don't think about it as if this is a fairytale of a story, but put yourselves in the shoes of a mother who is looking at her 3 year old who hasn't started walking or talking yet due to lack of nutrition. The mother of a 5 year old with a bloated stomach who is too weak to play with their siblings. This is reality for these families. Desperate mothers without a means to help her children. Desperate to give her children more than what she has to offer, but no means to do it. These organizations that have reached families through Feed My Starving Children are able to educate and teach young girls or moms how to make a living and actually help provide for their family. There is hope, and it starts now.

I can't say enough amazing things about Sevenly and the amount of love that goes into each of their sales. With so much darkness in our nation, it is so beautiful to see that people are using their talents for good. People are trying to make a difference, and helping change lives. Sevenly supports a range of different charities but Feed My Starving Children is really personal to me, because it is something I have been part of and seen firsthand. You can see more about Sevenly here - please go and support them! Find them on social media and share about them, it is time that people start believing that they can make a difference. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Buying a tshirt not only helps raise money, but it also is a tool to help raise awareness. It continues to support Sevenly by sharing and by helping spread the word about the charities they stand behind. I am so honored that they asked me to partner with them!

These are some photos from about a month and a half ago when we volunteered at FMSC with my work

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