Friday, May 2, 2014

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Do you ever have one of those moments where you just feel like someone finally knows where you're coming from? When I saw these fruit shaped houses I felt a slight relief. Like someone finally figured out that dollhouses are so one-sided. That maybe a boy would like a place to store his little figures!  It irritates me to think that people cling to such impractical thinking such as, "sorry you don't have a girl, you can't have cute toys" not that having a child is about what you can buy them, but the way of thinking that only people with girls get to buy cute things - it gets on my nerves more than anything! Sure we love sports and single handedly keep Lego in business (ok maybe an exaggeration...), but I really try to give my boys a variety of fun and amazing things to play with to develop their imagination! We have found so many ways to bend these laws with our boys while staying in the "boy" territory.

It kind of shocks me that people are just so stuck in their little bubbles and only do things as they know or have seen in local big brand shops. It is such a shame that they don't go out and find more unique and high quality items that last more than a season in life. There is an entire world of unique and creative products for boys outside of trains and Lego. That is why when I discovered Rock and Pebble I knew I had to share about them! One thing I did find was hard to find a gender neutral toy version of was a "doll house." I mean if I showed up with a pink house that was encased by a white picket fence my husband would probably change the locks and ask me to take a hike! LOL! I feel like that is one of the areas that are extremely one-sided and their is no way around it. So to have discovered the imaginative and minimal design of the Rock & Pebble house thrilled me beyond words! It is such a gorgeous design and classic so that it doesn't make you think twice about it being gender neutral! It is a a fun piece for everyone!

I thought that Brinley would be the one who loved it, but it turns out Rowan is the one who couldn't wait for me to put it together! He immediately asked if he could give it some color, so he drew some art and taped it on the walls to make it feel like home to him. You can see his little project in the last photo - it is the cutest thing! The Pear House is one of those pieces where you can leave it sitting on the shelf and it adds to the room, and all the little things you can do to it to make it unique and fun are endless, it just takes some imagination! Which is the goal! Rowan and I may have to consult with one another on some interior design ideas for it :) I am sure the Lego guys will be invading our Pear House by morning, and I am sure they will look awesome in it!

I love seeing these new creatives {rock and pebble} in the toy industry finding a way to add design and imagination back into toys! Actually, my friend and I were vintage toy hunting a few weeks ago and we were saying how disappointing toys are these days. There are few things from our kids' childhood that would be satisfying to hold on to and pass down to their kids one day - but seeing these beautiful pieces being created has finally got me thinking that classic designs and keepsake products may be making a comeback! I can't wait to see what other brilliant things Rock and Pebble have planned, I will be keeping a close eye on them! This Pear House is one I will have for many years to come, as it is a lovely, imaginative toy for any child!


I must admit, it is toys like this that make me really consider opening a kids shop! I would love to own a small store with unique and keepsake-type toys and clothing that don't specifically cater to a gender. I see so many shops like that online, but locally here in Minnesota, the extreme differences between boy and girl are still incredibly apparent and everything definitely favors girls as far as "unique" goes. I wish moms of boys would really reach beyond cars and trucks and find that there are so many other designs to offer their child!

ps the chair and car are not part of the pear house set. 


TerinAleah said...

Oh wow, these are a great idea! My son would love them!!

SADIE said...

Love it!!! And you are so right about people thinking you can only buy cute things for girls. Idk how many times I hear people say, maybe next time you'll have a girl that way you can have fun dressing her. I have decided it is more fun to dress a boy! It is actually fun to have to hunt for the fashionable boy things.