Friday, May 16, 2014

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Andy and I got new bikes. We have always really stressed doing things together as a family and we really want to be mindful of taking things at a more leisurely pace, it is definitely something our generation hasn't been mindful of. I know it will be a while before we can get into really advance biking with the boys, so we decided to go with really smooth and leisurely bikes, that is more our style anyway. Linus is a company that I have had my eye on for many years. In fact, the night I found out I was pregnant with Wrennyn I had asked Andy for this exact bike. Needless to say, we finally decided that they were amazing bikes and after a lot of research I decided the Dutchi 3 was still the best option for me and Andy chose the Roadster sport. Which he absolutely loves. It isn't often that I can go that long and still really have my heart set on something, it just goes to show how classic and reasonable the Linus bikes are. We have a market and some local dining near our home and we decided we are going to start biking when we are running simple errands to help save on fuel and really to just enjoy those moments and make memories. I think it is such a great thing for a family of 5 to do together. It is important to share, with your kids, about not only keeping active, but about being purposeful when you spend time with family. It really is valuable to not always be rushing around, but to develop relationships with each other. Our summers are so short and we really have to treasure them!

I love the idea of doing family picnics and visiting parks that are a little further out from us, and biking is really a great way to be conservative and still get out. Plus, they are the most charming bikes I have ever seen, if I do say so! The accessories are brilliant and incredibly addicting. I already wish I had use for this basket here. I mean, is it odd that I would rather accessorize my bike than myself? They're just completely customizable and it makes me giddy! But the idea of picnics and fresh air make me even more giddy!

I am excited to share our biking adventures over the summer. Andy and I have already found that if the kids are asleep we can have someone keep an eye on them for us while we scoot out for an evening bike ride. It has been a great reminder that we still need to find time for us to have a hobby together in the midst of all the hustle! It really is quite romantic! We hope to pick up on a few more family activities this summer and I can't wait to get active as a family! Now hurry up, summer!


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primjillie said...

I love these bikes! I will have to look for them close to me. Is that your darling outbuilding? Too cute!