Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a more simple place


To be able to watch the way you make the simplest things become beautiful. You learn from the waves and the water and where they meet. You tuck your toes into the sand beneath your feet and watch the ground move. To see the world in your eyes and the way you both share these moments together. To have these simple moments, where I am just your mother, watching you both from afar. Watching you change before my eyes, and feeling lucky to be part of your existence. It makes me think of a simple life. One where we don't have, or need, much, but that we just soak in this time together. Faintly washing away those in our distance and focusing on our little world. Our simple world where we are here to just love one another. Where we just watch the water meet the land and where we truly are part of one another's world. That simple life. Those simple moments. That is what I most want for you.


I feel like most people feel that children complicate their lives, for me it has made my world simple. I want little. I care about little. I want a few things, but for them to be really great. I love this simple life and I love being their mom.

If you follow me on instagram you will recognize these sweet little briefs that Wrennyn has been wearing nearly every day. I love the bold design and the very nostalgic style of them. I got them from one of my favorite shops Flora + Henri (you can find them here)They have the most delicate timeless pieces that you could find. If you don't own an item from their shop, you simply are missing out. I love everything they create. I also got Wrennyn the french stripe short here because they are so unique and they whisper thoughts of simple summer days. I love Flora + Henri so much, they are the very first shop I bought something from when I found out that Wrennyn was going to be a boy! Itwas this Luckyboysunday friend here. I I am learning that I prefer owning less things but making sure they are items I love, Flora+Henri is simply an example of that, a creative and beautiful yet simple world.

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lesliekershaw said...

Girlie. You make me want to shop all the time! You would make an amazing childrenswear buyer.