Monday, June 9, 2014

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The water is where my soul finds peace. The sounds of the waves settling on the sand, and the constant breeze that brings joy to my entire being. It is like it washes away my worry. Andy swears I have a nature loving hippie inside of me dying to be released. I think he is right. Especially after our road trip, the scenic-scapes of lakes tucked down between hills just brought my mind this contentment that I rarely feel.

We love spending our days on the water. We forget how lucky we are to live in a state that has so many lakes to offer. This morning the beach was completely empty, it was just us and the birds. I was at peace. The boys get along so great when they are at the beach, it is like this calming place of refuge. I think bringing the boys to the ocean last summer was one of my favorite experiences, watching them run free and fearlessly. We are working hard to make it easier to be on the lake this summer, even though we don't have a shorefront property. I just think it is good for the soul.

I got these boys the SUNUVA swimsuits and rash guards because they are made of UV protective fabrics, I get really nervous about exposing my boys young skin to the sun, so I was thrilled to have found their gear! Plus the boys loved the fun prints so much that they are asking to wear them even when we aren't at the beach! Brinley has this one here and Rowan has this one here. I want my kids to grow up on the water, but I want them to protect their bodies. We are working hard at being more mindful of our bodies this year, and we hope to develop some good habits that stick with our boys as they get older too. We actually have a pool in our yard, so it is extremely important that we talk about how to stay safe around the water. I don't want the boys to be scared to be free around the water, but being safe weather it be protecting from the sun, or just being sure we have life jackets on when appropriate is important to me. I love fun gear that makes it easy and enjoyable for my boys to follow through with our practices! That is why I loved discovering Sunuva - now their little Scandinavian skin can be protected. And this is the first time the boys have ever owned rash guards, and now I think we are pretty legit! We are hoping to take up some water sports as a family this year, and I can't wait! I just hope you all have a fun summer and stay safe and smart!

I you want to know more about protecting kids from the sun Sunuva had some great reasons why this is important on their site! Check it out here! Otherwise, their gear is just awesome and full of fun prints your kids will love!!

Here is to a summer full of happiness and life in the sun...


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