Thursday, June 5, 2014

june 5 | thoughts and other fun things


Ever feel left out of that whole perfect and pretty world that is happening over on Instagram? I get so torn going back and forth with sharing our reality versus just the highlighted parts of our life.

Recently when I was talking to a client about Rowan being 7, he said, "You're half way to becoming irrelevant!" he, of course, was joking, but I couldn't get over it. It really made me think over the next few days about how I spend my time. I often feel like I have a good balance of real, and special moments, but it was more about how I spend my time. I definitely know that I am distracted as a mom with things I want for my own future, as well as, trying to help my own children discover their own dreams. I know that middle school and high school kids become more interested in spending time with friends over their parents. Although this is years from happening to us, it really did make me think. I want to be an engaged parent. Andy and I want to do activities that draw us together as a family for years to come, so even when they are older we still have family activities we can do together. Raising boys has really been a wonderful challenge, and I am lucky that I have a sporty-side to me! We really want to live a full life that is more than just a life filled with pretty photos and what-nots, but one that is filled with memories and a deep rooted love for life and more-so a love for each other. I want my boys to learn to cheer each other on, and pray that it will be a lesson in life that they continue long after childhood. Our generation may have everything at our fingertips, but I think it is hard to know if we are really experiencing life nowadays. We are excited to take on some new life choices and really get back to taking better care of our minds and our bodies. I know it will be a hard, slow journey, but thankfully we aren't afraid to try new things! We hope to spend many days at the lake this summer and make the best of the world that surrounds us!


Also, lots of you ask how we shop with so many oversea boutiques - small businesses have always been something I really love to support I do have a handy way of doing it! I talk my sisters into buying stuff, too. No joke. I am a bad influence. But if I find a friend or someone to order with, then we can split the shipping cost  by having it delivered to just one of us and it really helps! Shops overseas don't make money on shipping, it really is THAT MUCH to send a parcel! Insane, I know, but worth it! It is fun to have collective pieces from little wonders all over the world! I had never owned Disney clothing pieces before, but when I saw these adorable ones at Minibots I HAD TO HAVE THEM! It was easy to talk my sister into getting them too! I mean, I don't have a girl, but someone I knew HAD TO have this minnie tee! I love finding unique and fun things for the kids to wear, and I guess you just have to be creative with how you go about it! So I suggest you find a friend and go halvsies - or even find a few friends to help make the shipping a little easier to swallow! We have the Kermit sweatshirt and the Gonzo one I wish I had got a couple more! 


Also be sure to find us over on 31bits blog today! I had the pleasure of styling some of their new summer pieces you can see the feature here. They have the most amazing cause empowering woman in Uganda to provide for their family and giving them the means and opportunity to do it! If you haven't checked them out, YOU NEED TOO! They are doing amazing things and they have the cutest stuff! You can see more about the story behind the mission here! I am so honored to have been asked to be part of such an amazing cause! Go check out their new summer pieces here and support a great cause!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers to making the most of it!

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