Thursday, June 26, 2014

stuck in suburbia... or something like that


I always hoped we would be adventurous and live in the city with our kids one day. It always seemed so much cooler than the suburbs and we aren't easily intimidated by big cities. As we have been looking at houses and talking about the hope of moving in this next year, reality started to sink in. The more we really talked about the things we want for our kids and family the more that the suburbs really made more sense. It was a little disappointing to let go of the hope to live in the cool urban environment that I always pictured. I feel like Andy is so much more realistic than me and I love that about him. I often romanticize things in my head and make them sound so dreamy, but when we really worked out the thought of the kids not being able to play outside as freely as they do in our current location that really hit me. I love that they have a huge yard to roam and can ride bikes on a quiet street where people are mindful of kids at play. It just is an easier life in the suburbs. As for the houses they certainly don't have as much charm or character as we would like, but they are more spacious. It is really a lot to think about and process before making a decision that is such a commitment. In a way we compromised. We decided to spend more of our weekend time in the city trying out cool places to eat and fun parks and shops to go to. That way we still get the kids around so more cultured environments but we really have the luxury of the suburbs which we have grown to love. I suppose of moving to New York was an option than I would MUCH RATHER live in the heart of the city. But for now, we will just explore the city and come home to our quiet street where I don't relate much to the moms around me, but where our yard toys can take over and we can enjoy the spacious yard built for playing kickball.

So, I am hoping to share some more cool Minnesota places for any locals who follow us as we try new places in the city. We will be trying out some new places to eat and hang out and let you know if they are family friendly or not. I know most of this is easier on a quick iPhone snap, because such is life, it is just easier to collect everything on my iPhone versus lugging a camera around. I will use a tag on both the blog and instagram to collect this little explore MN series in case you live here or visit and want some great places to check out.

speaking of using my iPhone more than my camera brings me to the fact that Andy lost all of his videos and photos when his iPhone crashed. It was heartbreaking as a lot of great pictures were on it. We were awful at updating and syncing our phones. I found Shoebox app which is a free app that automatically downloads, syncs, and organizes your photos so you can be sure that they are always safe. You can download the app here and hopefully you won't have the same misfortune  of losing your favorite pictures. Try syncing your phone to your computer and clearing the images before you download the app, it makes the syncing process a lot faster, but it doesn't hurt to try it out!

Anyway, I love the city so much, but I know that life isn't for us at the moment. No one is saying it won't change down the line, but for now we will be house hunting in some of our favorite suburbs - so wish us luck, it's extremely frightening!



Anonymous said...

Don't mind me, I'm just over here in my second-floor apartment perch eyeing your huge expanse grass across the fence and I'm just sayin' looks greener ;)

ruffledsnob said...

Gina, haha that is hilarious! I have always thought living with 3 kids in a cool studio appt in an amazing city sounded so dreamy... Then my kids started fighting and I was glad I could send them to separate rooms. I suppose it is all great, just in different ways!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain! We live in Woodbury right now and are planning on house hunting in the next year. I'm leaning more toward St. Paul, but you can get so much more for your money in the suburbs. It's a tough call. Maybe you'll end up in the east suburbs and we could be fashion friends! Or at least admire each others' fashion choices at the play ground ;)

AliB said...

I live in Buenos Aires, which is a very large urban city, and it breaks my heart how little freedom my son has. It's just so dirty and so full of traffic that you can't give them independence . City kids live such strange controlled lives. There's no backyard to play in. There's practically no indoor space to play in our 600 sq ft apartment. We're moving to central Florida in a couple months though and it has me panic attacking. I'm used to ice cream deliveries until 3am and there's just so much constant exciting energy in a city. And central Florida is just so the opposite. It's so desolate and strip mally. But for kids, the suburbs are the dream. I'll be able to let him get dirty outside without worrying about broken bottles or agggghh syringes. That alone makes it worth it. ( btw I found you via Instagram and love your boys style)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Try out Citizen Cafe in Minneapolis, yummy breakfast! They have bookshelves with kids books/coloring books right at their level for easy grabbing. The burbs definatly have hidden gems though, I'm adjusting from living pretty near the cities to Eden Prairie!

MamaDhobi said...
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