Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Got a few things from the cutest store Wrapped in Wishes and I thought I would share about them, it is a cute AND AFFORDABLE boutique.

The boys are super in to fake tattoos and I was almost giddy when I saw these veggies ones in there shop. I mean seriously I can't handle how cute they are when they are on. Plus, if you're not going to eat your veggies you may as well wear them! Also, loved the "good vibes only" saying on this shirt because I have been working hard on surrounding my little family with positive people. I love the idea of  spreading an awesome message to those around you. Life is too short to hang around cranky people who complain all day.

I also got a new camera this week and loved the idea of this beautiful wooden one, so glad the kids got one to play with too. I just hope their camera skills don't put me to shame. Sweet little Wrennyn took a bird's eye view of his muffin this morning with his camera (find it here) so how is that for instagram skills.  Also Wrennyn is obsessed with wearing glasses all the time, I seriously love this age it is full of all kinds of little moments in each day where I just want to munch on his cute little face. Please don't mind his dirty neck-creases... those third ones just don't have baths as often as their siblings because mom is too busy taking selfies!

Go head over and checked out Wrapped in Wishes cute shop - we want to know what you think of their goodies, too!

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Unknown said...

love the way you write & take pics. Those cool dudes!! x

Claire said...

Love the shop and thanks for the recommendation!

I LOVE that you live in Minnesota. I hate to say it, but I'm always having a hard time finding other inspirational design lovers/mommies/bloggers in this area. I'm from SF originally but have grown to call Minnesota my home after almost 2 years...

Stop on by my blog if you are ever bored! It's not as cultivated as yours, but I find it hard to balance work, family and my hobby.

Props to you for being so good at it!