Monday, September 29, 2014

currently craving

Here are some current cravings for my wardrobe and home.
Currently Coveting 2

This accent table here // This rug here // This art here //  This bag here // These planters here // This sweater here // These shoes here  //  This armchair here

It is miraculous that being in a new home can make my whole life swirl with excitement over change. I am headed to toward comfort here. We live in a world where everyone strives to impress, and I am all over here like "gimme hot cocoa and a fire place and maybe some Uggs please" not that I don't have my moments where I impress (aka actually wash and curl my hair.) Here are some of the top things on my list for a simple and relaxed fall, complete with chunky knits and pale color palettes. What do you say? A little less clutter a little more simple, eh? I think I am like the opposite person that I was a year ago. Wonder where this is going to take me....

ps I have a feeling I am going to be exhausting this whole shopping for the interior bit. But it is all I can think about as I sit on the floor until our sofa arrives (which FYI won't be until Dec 5th.) So cheers to embracing the lack of furniture and wanting to look like my Pinterest boards!!! Wheeee.

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