Thursday, September 18, 2014

i'm back!!! | not that you missed me....

cooper and ella

So literally a million things have happened since I last blogged. I missed sharing my thoughts and processing life through my words. I feel like I struggle with my blog because I wish it was something better than it is. Many times I look at the successful blogs and feel like I am looking at gorgeous pages of a magazine. But, that is where I love blogging. It doesn't need to be Pinterest perfect. It is real. It is life. It is humans watching one another live completely normal lives and yet somehow it is completely captivating to see others share about it, pretty and not so pretty. Blogging is beautiful, and I miss the days when it was just simply sharing your heart.

So here I am. My normal old self and my all-over-the-place blog. Let me get you up to speed. My computer crashed. Like literally. Tears and sob stories of losing every image of your children. Yep, true life drama. Thankfully we didn't give up, we found a specialist who was able to recover them out of the harddrive and scold me for jamming my computer with half a million photos without a backup. It only cost us our children's college funds. So YAY we still have precious moments of our children being born! And all their childhood memories. It got me thinking hard. I really thought I had lost every last photos of my kids. It also got me upset because I realized I didn't care about the photos from my blog that went missing. I was more devastated about the images where my kids were in sweaty sports gear laying on the messy floor laughing at one another. I realized how much of my life is filtered through my lens and how much is left out because I feel we don't look "bloggy enough" sad really. So well I love sharing pretty little things here, there are things that are incredibly messy in my life. Things that I keep from people who surround me, for fear that I don't live up to my own high expectations. So though I am somewhat careful with what I share here, I want to be sure that my kids have messy images of real life to look back on. I feel like it is going to take some time reminding myself that real is beautiful too. But I am going to try my best!

We also moved within that time frame. To a beautiful not-so-pinteresty house built in 1986. It looks like a cottage tucked away in the middle of suburbia. For whatever reason God opened up the sky and smiled on us and gave us the chance to own such a place. He really loves me. And God must love Wrennyn too, because he has his own room now! And though the gardens and yard are breathtaking, the interior is definitely nothing to gleam about, as it has old trim and many things that will need some love. And guess what, we don't have a single dime left at this moment to do any major projects. And I am TOTALLY ok with that. Although, I am not going to lie, seeing all these remodel stories on Instagram have me a bit antsy, but how could I ever redo a kitchen when we don't even have a sofa or a table for now?! Just taking it one day at a time here! I am really looking forward to taking our time creating a home we love, one that isn't held to Pinterest standards, but one that holds beautiful memories and loads of laughter. Sure we plan to do these projects over time. But for now we will love our new home just the way she is - totally outdated and a little bit peach colored. So stay tuned and hopefully I will be sharing some of our space and the inspiration behind it and the transformations we hope to make over time!

In other fun news I am totally in to blouses. I love the way Cooper and Ella have made blouses a modern staple with their thoughtful details and creative cutouts. Plus they are so lush with how they lay! The shorter, wider sleeves are a silhouette I am completely loving this fall. I love the juxtapose of pairing tailored tops with distressed denim. It always had that slight tomboy effect I love. And pairing it with leopard was the obvious choice. naturally. You guys should have over to their site and give your fall wardrobe a little sprucing!


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blouse c/o cooper and ella // denim similar here // shoes similar shape here // jewelry


lesliekershaw said...

So glad you are back, and we did miss you. These kind of posts of my favorite. Congrats on the house!


Rubydiamonds said...

Congrats on the house move, it sounds perfect. Whatever you do with it over time will work for you. I love this blog post, we all need a little nudge sometimes back into reality


Unknown said...

Love, love, love your honesty here. I'm an avid blog reader and a newbie to the blogging world so this was really great to read. Totally feel ya! Lol Good luck with your new home!


Unknown said...

YAY! I missed your post. Congrats on the new home, God is so faithful to us. Everything works according to his timing. I can't wait to see more pics of the house, it looks so dreamy via instagram.

Unknown said...

Welcome back and for the all the right amazing reasons about blogging x Ax
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