Monday, October 20, 2014

shedding layers to endure the next season | 10.21.14


You are not wilting.
You may be loosing leaves, but you are not wilting.
You are standing tall. You will bloom again.

I love that trees bloom when they have leaves surrounding them, they are alive and breathe and sway in the breeze. But the most colorful time in their season is often the shortest, then they let go. It doesn't mean they are wilting, it means they are preparing to stand strong and endure the hardest times ahead.

We lose. Some times we lose a lot at once. Some times it is here and there. Just because something falls away from you, doesn't mean that you are weak.

We go through phases in life where we need things, need people, they are there for a time and then they fall away.

It doesn't mean that you are missing something, it doesn't mean that you are lacking, it means you are preparing for the next season. We are trained to think that just because something leaves us that we should feel the pain of its absence. That we should be sad that we are standing alone. I have never understood this concept. We need to shed things from our lives, and yes you may notice that it is gone, but it doesn't mean you can't stand strong without it. We don't always have to know the whys. We just have to trust that there is a purpose for things to come. I have rarely mourned over a lost friendship or someone fading away from me. It just means that the season in my life has passed. I am standing just as tall as I was. I am preparing for the next season.

We are like trees, we are deeply rooted in our surroundings but when we go through change we let things go. We let things fall away so that we can preserve ourselves in times only to bloom again in another season.

There is a time to let things go. Don't be scared. It doesn't mean you are wilting. You are standing just as tall, and just as strong. You are preparing for a new season that brings growth. Let go. It is time. Let the winds carry it away from you. You are standing strong. You will endure. You will bloom again. Let go of the things you don't need in this season.



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Unknown said...

Love this thought process. Thanks for sharing x

Unknown said...

Lovely words and I really needed to hear this message....thank you!