Monday, March 9, 2015

dipped | i don't hate it


The trend: dip dyed.
This trend is nothing new, but I am still loving it. We have all seen ombre and dipped trends cover all facets - from hair to sunglasses to window treatments. I love the simple form of mixing color in a new way and my favorite combo of this trend is whites x woods.

Though this trend is small and somewhat on the way out - these are some classic ways to bring this trend into your home. Keep it subtle and don't overdue it. Don't pick colors that are too bold as they will not be as easily translated into different rooms. Don't invest too much money in a dipped piece - they should be kept to simple aspects of your home.

DIY! Do give it a try to a piece of furniture you already own! If you measure carefully and be sure to tape the area properly there are so many things in your home that you could spruce up with a quick dip! Although dipped pieces are beautiful, you can take this natural and white color palette into so many forms in your home! We are using this tone for our kitchen dining inspiration!

What do you think? Are you a fan of dipping white and wood?
treasure pot here
light pendant here
side table here
untencils here
baskets here
stool/side table accents here
counter stool/ bar stool here

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