Monday, March 23, 2015

no kid hungry | awareness

I can't stress the importance of giving back. So many of our youth go without the proper nutritious meals daily, these children are our country's future. They are the next generation of America, and they don't even have the proper tools to start a healthy lifestyle. But you can help! We all can! That is why I am thankful for brands like Earth's Best and Ella's Kitchen who have donated funds to provide 1.5M meals to the No Kid Hungry campaign in the initiative to help stop child hunger. I love that No Kid Hungry is fighting back by providing meals to kids in need.

I challenge you to talk about being part of the change in a positive way. How can you and your family help give kids across America a nutritious meal? For starters educate your own family. Teach them that they can give back, no amount is too small. Take the time to pick out healthy foods like Earth's Best and Ella's Kitchen that focus on a healthy start for kids. Package the food up and take it to your local pantry as a family! Share your stories and inspiration to encourage others to do the same!

I can't wait to hear how you and your families join us in this fight to hlep end child hunger in America! Please join us and share your stories on how you are educating your family on No Kid Hungry -- please use the hashtags #NoKidHungry and #FeedKidsinNeed along with @ruffledsnob and we will be choosing one winner to donate to a local pantry on your behalf! Don't forget to look for Earth's Best and Ella's Kitchen with the special No Kid Hungry packaging this month only at your select Walmart locations!


I also wanted little personal story about why partnering with Earth's Best and Ella's Kitchen in bringing awareness to No Kid Hungry really matters to me:

I can recall it clearly. It was one of the moments I knew my boys were growing up and we decided it was time to start taking our role as parents more seriously. What kind of people do we want to raise? How will we teach them to do good, and where do we even start?

It was one of those long days where nothing seemed to be going our way, we were tired and worn from daily life. We were at the dinner table the kids were complaining about not being hungry and one of us turned to them and said one of those annoying parent lines "Do you know how many kids go hungry each day? What those children would give to even have half the amount of food on that plate!" The words stung me. Not just because the truth behind them, but because of the way we just throw them out there when we are frustrated and when our kids are vulnerable. In moments where we are desperate and angry. It was a moment I will never forget. It was when I realized, this is not the kind of parent I want to be, to use others' misfortune to threaten my own kids. I knew in that moment that I never wanted to hear those words in our home again, not like that, not in a moment of parental desperation. I wanted to educate my children, in the right way, to love on those who are less fortunate, not to ignore it, and definitely not to use it in moments of frustration.

So we decided to change how went about educating them on child hunger. We promised to do it in a positive environment. We would talk about it often, and make sure that they really understood that it is real. My kids know about children going hungry, I have been on missions trips and we often pray for the kids across the world, but what about the kids right here? What about the kids who are going to their schools or playing at their play ground? There are so many struggles happening right in our own areas and we can't ignore it! I don't want them to look the other way; I want them to learn to give!

Actions speak louder than words
Earlier last week, on a great day, when we were all getting along, and the sun was shining we brought them to the grocery store and filled up a cart of healthy food. We told the kids to choose whatever they wanted, things they wanted for themselves! They quick went on the hunt. After they put a few things in the cart, we told them that the food wasn't for them, that we were collecting it for a local pantry, where families can go when they have nothing to eat. We also taught them that a lot of families don't always have access to nutritious meals, so it was our goal to make sure that other moms could have the chance to give their kids something to make their bodies strong and grow. They looked at us and asked questions, they talked about how they would feel if they didn't have access to fruit every day. We asked what they would feel like if they didn't get to have their favorite treats ever again, or how they might feel if they didn't even know when they would eat next. Then it made me realize what it would feel like from a mother's perspective. What would I do if I couldn't choose healthy foods for my kids, because truthfully I didn't know where we would even get our next meal. What would it feel like if my child looked at me starving and I had no food to give. In all honesty I have no idea what it feels like to go without to that extent. I can't even pretend that I can relate. All I know is, no mother should have to tell her child that they don't have dinner. We all deserve a healthy meal. We all deserve to give our child a healthy beginning. No child should ever go hungry. Ever.

So together as a family we put all the food (and some diapers, because I am a mom and I had to give diapers!) in boxes. And as a family we brought them to our local pantry. We also promised to talk regularly about No Kid Hungry and the importance of eating healthy and how we can keep on giving back.

Will you be part of the change? Don't forget to share with us how you are going to work together with your family to help! Use @ruffledsnob, #NoKidHungry and #FeedKidsinNeed and we will choose one winner and donate on your behalf!


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UrbanChiqueNess said...

Great job, now that our boys are older we volunteer at Feed My Starving Children an amazing organization that packs food for children all over the world. Xo