Tuesday, March 10, 2015

one day | with no barriers

I wanted to share this video with you, it is a Samsung advertisement that took place in a real village where a hearing impaired man was shocked by his neighbors suddenly being able to sign and communicate with him.

The story in and of itself is beautiful you can watch it here 

The thing that hit me the most was at then end in the actual video footage there is a single sentence that reads "All for Murrahem to have one day, with no barriers" Those words smacked me in the head. Hard!

That is what I have been missing. I just go through my day completely unaware of what others are facing at times. Not even realizing we all have barriers that we face. I have been struggling with balancing myself as a mom and human and I have completely lost sight of focusing on those who surround me the past few years. The people I see daily that I have no interaction with, I just tell myself that I can't change their world in one moment, because heck I can't even figure out my own world. I am dead wrong. YOU CAN CHANGE THEM! YOU CAN DO SOMETHING WITH MEANING IN A SINGLE MOMENT! And not only will it make change for them, but you might start seeing more purpose in your own life.

I will admit the past 18 months have been hard for me, I have struggled with anxiety and things that I have never faced before. There was a moment in the Build-a-Bear store a few weeks ago where I was kindly talking to the lady in front of me and encouraged her briefly. To me it was nothing, it was a normal thing, a way that I often chat candidly with strangers. After we left the store Rowan turned to me and said "I  have missed that, mom." I responded "Missed what, honey" Rowan's reply left me in tears, he said, "I have missed how you chat with people. I can tell it really helps turn their day around" After the tears stopped streaming in I had realized he was right, in my own messy life I had really retracted from smiling at people and speaking to strangers. I had NO IDEA that my children had noticed. I really think that I started to change that very day, knowing that my children were watching and silently taking note of my public behaviors stirred something in me. It was time to put aside my personal fears and troubles and start to be part of something larger than myself again. It isn't easy to be vulnerable to people, but I really feel like those are the parts of life that make us beautiful individuals.

Let's not just live side-by-side but let's share this world. Let's share our stories. Have we become so self focused that we have forgotten how to spread love? And how to share the beautiful gift of living in this world together, to share this world with people who are different and beautiful in their own ways. We can learn so much from one another and yet it seems we are too busy to even notice the amazing people directly next us. How often do we go through our day and ignore the differences in the people who surround us? How many times do we see someone who is different and we refuse to acknowledge that we can be part of what makes this world beautiful for them. Yes, we are all different, and YES, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. We don't just share this world, but we can be part of each other's stories in some way. It just takes a selfless act of learning about the people around you and deciding to not only just live in the world with them, but to be part of their world. Our differences don't have to separate us.

This world is one heck of a beautiful place, don't just put your head down, look up and be part of it. A world without barriers. Can you imagine!!!!

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dylann s. said...

what a beautiful reminder! I find myself feeling the same way... a little too much mom tunnel vision. loved this post!