Sunday, March 8, 2015

our home | before

We have been doing so many projects around the house and I can't believe I have never shown our home on our blog before! I wanted to share these, mostly so that when I look back we can be proud of the changes we have made and how far we have come to making this a home.

The appeal of this house was instant. It was the only house we looked at! The charming cottage/country look is what immediately captured us, but the fact that it was in the neighbor I grew up in was even more of a sign. I have always loved that neighborhood and my parents now live just 2 doors down from us, it is so wonderful to have family popping by to help us!

Some draw backs were that she hasn't been touched with a single update since she was built in 1986. The bathrooms and the kitchen will be the biggest tasks. Our budget won't allow for any major project until at least next year. So for now we are making some big strides with easy cosmetic updates that we can do ourselves!

We love how simple and natural the owners had kept the place. I have often been torn about making it a bit more modern and also a tangled in the idea of keeping some of its natural, original flair. It has been something that really has held us back from the updates we were planning. The older oak doors and trim really don't fit my style, but yet they are part of this house and what makes it so cozy. I really am striving to make this home a cohesive style throughout. Each room is really open to other rooms, so I am trying my best to maintain one common theme throughout our home. 

I can't wait to share the boys' rooms later this week! We have already painted the boys closets, doors, walls, and removed the old popcorn ceilings -- let me tell you it was no small task, but it really has reminded me that I do love the updates and I feel much more confident about the changes we are hoping to make. I am sure you have seen some snaps on my Instagram, but let me say children's rooms are so easy to create, because they already own so many wonderful little things that describe who they are and that is really what makes a space a home. The living spaces are what have been a burden to me. Stay tuned as we share each space as it is transformed. Enjoy all of the before photos below xo

So here she is in all of her glory -- our first real home. Our little cottage smack in suburbia.
Looking back at the trees in bloom makes me absolutely crave spring!

 The backyard has been featured in Home and Garden magazines -- I sure hope I can give the gardens the love they deserve. They truly are breathtaking.

The main family room is sunken in and has given us the difficult task of finding a suitable way to make it functional and stylish. The stairs on 2 sides of the room make arranging furniture in a practical way extremely challenging. 

Front living room -- I have painted it white and filled this room with plants, it still needs some major TLC and some furniture -- still trying to find the balance of how we want to go with our style. With the exterior being so beautiful and country-esque I find that I gravitate towards "Modern Farmhouse" styles, but I am not sure how to execute it in a way that suits our lives. I think I may be calling in some back up soon! I think that there is a great pride to be had in doing things yourself, but there is a also a time to talk to a professional first so you don't mess it up! Furniture is expense and it is smart to get opinions on how to best use space and execute a style you love.  

 The kitchen, in all her linoleum and oak glory. YUCK! This room needs the biggest makeover!!!!!! Like NOW!

 The 4 seasons porch is glorious. This room is what made me fall in love with the home. It is also my biggest obstacle, deciding whether to leave some of the natural wood, or painting her head-to-toe.

 This is the room Rowan and Brinley share! I can't wait to show you guys what we did! It includes taking off those hideous stars on the ceiling that have been up there for over a decade..

This is Wrennyn's room we brightened it up with paint and (gasp!) wallpaper! It is the darkest room on the house, but I love the transformation we gave it to bring it cheery light. 

 Master Suite. Large with great windows and light -- walk-in closet and master bathroom. This is our next project to take on! I already have some great ideas for this space!

So... What do you think? Modern Farmhouse meets Romantic Minimal? I think I love the sound of that! Feminine touches and natural elements seem to feel so welcome within her walls. Sounds like I have some major decisions to make! 


East Willow Grove said...

This looks so similar to our house with all the wood and old lady elements :) Can't wait to see the after!

Chelsea | East Willow Grove

Jenn Korolewski said...

I'm such a fan of your design aesthetic, I can't wait to see the transformation. And that sun room...amazing!

primjillie said...

What a cute house! It has tons of possibilities and luckily you have a blank slate to work with. I vote for modern farmhouse in the style department. You are lucky with instagram and all the great blogs out there for inspiration.

primjillie said...

I forgot to add that I think your trim would look great painted. I love crisp white trim!