Sunday, October 25, 2015

style story | halloween


Who doesn't love kids in a halloween costume? If you follow me on Instagram you are familiar with the fact that my kids are often costume-clad no matter what time of year it is. We never shy away from being in public in fun clothes, so when H&M asked me to share some of my fave costume option from their shop I couldn't say "no."

The boy instantly wanted the skull costumes and they were so pumped when they found out that the slippers were Glow in the Dark! EEK! They also had some great traditional superheroes, but I saw the Tiger Stripe onesie in the clothing section and I just fell in love with the bright pops and I knew that Wrennyn would get into character. I was a little iffy about painting the kids' faces but they kept insisting that they wanted to be real skeletons -- we laughed so hard once we finished, I think the neighbor kids were a little jealous of us when we went out... I might have a line of kids at my door on halloween hoping we can help get their faces into character for them. Wrennyn cried when we took his Tiger off, it was so hilarious, and heartbreaking.

I have never dressed up before but when I saw this fuzzy eared hat at HM I loved the thought of being an animal along with Wrennyn and this cute shag sweater sold me on being a fuzzy panda ha!

You should definitely check out H&M's stock - I love that all of these costumes can double as comfy after school clothes too! I hope you and your kiddos have a safe and candy-filled halloween! xo



primjillie said...

They are adorable! Did you do the face painting? If so, you did an awesome job. I would love to see those faces at my door!

Bee said...

You did a great job on their cute faces momma and the custumes are adorable! Have fun tonight making memories!! :)