Monday, November 23, 2015

master bedroom // room renovation

Finally sharing our Master Bedroom. It has been the most prolonged process, but I am so happy to share it! If you recall, I had some inspiration in this post here. I feel like I really stuck pretty true to the inspiration, and tried my best to keep it functional, real, and minimal.

The process took forever because we decided to get new doors. And as things should happen, our door frames ended up being 1/4 smaller than standard door frames. Lucky us. That meant a much more drawn out process, and custom doors. Sounds fancy, eh? Yeah not so much. Just means it cost us way more time (and money) to get doors that should have been an easy switch. Aaaaaand then it took me a month to get knobs we liked, because well I have no idea how people stay on top of these things.... So after the fresh paint job for the wood and the walls, and removal of the popcorn ceilings she already had a new life!

Anyways boring homeownership aside, here is our lovely new room.

room design3
room design14

I built the room around the soft, romantic linens by Bella Notte Linens. I have loved their lush bedding for a long time now and was thrilled to finally make the plunge. After days and days of pouring over their website I knew I wanted to keep it really simple (even though I am still tempted by their luscious textures!) The bedding was so beautiful in person that my sister and mother went off and bought an entire set for themselves, too! I opted for a more minimal, soft look with the self-flange edges and more traditional clean edges in all white. I tied in some texture with the crochet sheet and cases, and the soft palette of the heirloom rose in whisper linen(ruffled) added the perfect finish. Andy and I are both in love with the bedding and I completely stand behind and recommend it to anyone! We definitely are already wanting a second set!

The light was also a large addition to making this room. I wanted something that stood out and kept it romantic with a touch of modern. I searched high and low for a fixture that wouldn't overwhelm the space or bore me. 

room design5

I couldn't find any side tables that I was in love with, so for now we are keeping it simple with some vintage chairs that I have scooped up while out treasure hunting. I love that natural tone they bring to the space and help it from looking too fussy.

room design18
room design15
room design16
room design
room design12

The lamps above the bed are by MUUTO and I hacked them with an Ikea shelf mount. Imagine Andy's face when I was drilling holes and cutting electrical pieces -- haha, I am a wing-it kind of girl and some times it just actually works out!

The round shelf next to my bed is an absolute favorite of both mine and Andy's. It is the Ferm Living Dorm shelf from my beautiful friend's shop FAWN SHOPPE and the gorgeous bits inside are from a local maker here

The dresser came from many weekends spent stalking the Room&Board outlet that we have here in MN. After many weeks coming up empty my last attempt ended in success. I was a little worried it looked to large in our room after having no furniture in the space, but it just took some getting used to. The art is by me, I just couldn't find anything I loved or could afford. The large vase is from anthropologie as is that awful lamp I am trying to get rid of.... the lovely wreath is from this collection right over here

The ornate mirror was a gift from Andy long ago and though it doesn't fit with our current home and style I really can't seem to part with it, as it was a really special gift. I think it ties in with the soft mix of the bedding. The smaller floral vase on the dresser was from my grandparents home, I just love the mix of nostalgia, I guess. I am totally a mushy-sucker at heart.

room design7
room design10
room design20
room design2

Hope you have enjoyed peeking in our space! So thrilled it finally feels like our space!

here was the room before it was renovated


Sasha Benson said...

I love the remodel! And I just adore that dresser. Please tell me it's available online so I can binge purchase it right now? I'm crossing my fingers, cause I have been looking for one just like it!

ruffledsnob said...

Hi Sasha!!
It is online -- it is the Grove dresser in 72" x 20 x 36 it is the 6 drawer option ours is in Cherry Wood!

ruffledsnob said...

trust me after months of hard core searching I know how amazing it is to finally discover a piece you love xo

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get those cute bras?? I like them because they are unique.
The hanging lights are so cute too!!

ruffledsnob said...

Hi Victoria,

Aren't they lovely! I have worn their little pieces for over a year now and still love them. You can find them here or here -- I wear a small and they don't all have snaps in the back. I also have better luck hand washing them. Hope that helps xoxoxox

RYAN8549 said...

Shay!!!! This is so gorge I hate you. Just kidding. I just miss you.